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The Clean of Melaleuca

Melaleuca, or more commonly known as tea tree oil, is a true lifesaver for your skin and home.

I use the doTERRA Melaleuca oil and roller ball to treat and fend off breakouts and skin irritations on my face. I put one drop in my palm and dot it around my face on any areas I’m having a problem.  It is very helpful in oil control as well.

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In addition to skincare, this oil has many other uses:

  1. Apply to skin imperfections for a cleansing, rejuvenating effect.

  2. Use on occasional skin irritations by rubbing Melaleuca Touch onto affected area.

  3. Apply after shaving to soothe and cool skin.

  4. Rub on fingernails and toenails after showering to purify and keep nails looking healthy.

  5. Roll on bottoms of feet and inside shoes for a fresh aroma and feeling.

  6. Melaleuca can be used on surfaces throughout the home to protect against environmental threats.

Putting a couple drops with your favorite lotion and applying to your legs after shaving is the best method for avoiding the red bumps of razor rash. It is also a good aftershave method for men.

I also like to use Melaleuca to clean and disinfect bathroom counters. I use 3-4 drops and a small spray bottle of water to wipe down sinks and counters as a quick method to kill germs in between full cleanings.

This oil is also great for freshening  and purifying the air as well as detoxifying areas of the home from germs, allergens and pet dander. Diffusing it brings a crisp, clean smell to the room.  I like to add 4-5 drops to the air filters when we change them to purify the air throughout the house.  I have also added this oil to my carpet shampoo machine to steam the carpets and effectively remove odors.

When diffusing this oil, it combines well with many other oils for a unique fun twist. Try adding lemon, lavender or geranium to create interesting uplifting blends while purifying the room’s air.

Have you used Melaleuca?

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in detoxifying and purifying your home and improving your skin, then you need doTERRA Melaleuca at your side.

Reach out to me via my website to order your oils.

If you’d rather not pay retail for oils, let me know. There are options available to get wholesale pricing and you do not have to sell oils to enjoy the benefits .

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