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The Core of Physical Health

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

All of this month my posts have focused on different aspects that impact, influence, impair, support, and drive our physical health. From the food and beverage we take in, our movements, our sleep and even our skin all have a say in our well-being. However, physical health goes much deeper than that.

We are a whole person and cannot isolate just one area of our health and expect it to radically improve singularly. Without also working on our spirit and mental health as well we are limiting what true health can mean for our life. For example, you can have an absolutely healthy beautiful body but if you talk negatively to yourself every day about flaws you think you have you are not long term going to optimize the health you have.

Our Body is Talking

There are many paths to achieving good health, including losing weight, being more active, improving sleep and so on. We must tune into the messages of our body to know what it is telling us is needed and then focus on delivering the best we can for those needs. To hear our bodies we must remove the barriers that prevent clear messages from being received and understood. Our cravings, hunger, pains and illness are all messages that get louder the more they are ignored or misunderstood. These messages can be convoluted too by sugars, toxins, chemicals, processed foods, diet foods and beverages impacting our body’s ability to communicate with us.

By incorporating nature into our life we are giving our body the ability to communicate free of barriers. We are giving our body what it knows how to process for healing and health. We are giving our body a chance at real improvement that will have lasting positive impacts.

These oils help us remove the limiting beliefs we cannot do it or that thins are too hard to overcome when it comes to improving our health or other areas we are actively working on in our life.

DDR Prime – is a cell regeneration oil that supports the cell life cycle and helps promote healthy strong cell growth

Lemongrass – is a cleansing oil to remove our feelings of dependency to foods, habits, toxic energies and negativity

Vetiver – is a oil of becoming rooted in life. It helps us set priorities that are right for us and connect deeper in what we think and feel

Making Progress

It’s alright to challenge our bodies for improvement and accomplishment of a goal. These challenges keep us motivated, focused and actively progressing forward. It is our responsibility to understand what level of complexity and challenge our body needs and provide the appropriate tools and support through that process.

In every challenge we must also accept that we may not perform flawlessly and may need to restart or adjust our challenge to fit where we are. This is not a failure but rather an ongoing growth and ultimate improvement for where we want to be. We must move through challenges with grace, love and patience as our body works through those changes.

These oils are ideal for supporting those frustrating times when progress doesn’t seem to be happening and we are thinking it’s not worth continuing. It’s ironic that while I describe these oils in terms of supporting physical health goals becoming frustrating they are actually helpful in all areas of our life when challenges become well, challenging.

Thyme – is the oil of releasing. It is a cleansing oil that supports us in letting go of toxic feelings that are leaving us feeling depleted and frustrated

Neroli – is the oil of purpose and unification. It helps us focus on perseverance particularly when things get frustrating or challenging

Serenity – is the oil of tranquility. Regardless of where we are or where we are working towards going this oil helps us move in grace and calmness. We need that peace of knowing we are on our own journey and timetable for getting there

Interested in more?

If you are ready to begin your health journey or are at a place where you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and over challenged this month’s blog posts were for you. The oils and products I outline in each post deal with tough topics we all face when we look at our physical health and what it means to be healthy.

If you have questions or would like to get any of the oils and products I described please reach out.

Getting these products is easy and economical with a doTERRA account. With complete flexibility to purchase when and what you want with no minimum or monthly requirements you can enjoy discount pricing and access to the purest and highest quality natural oils and products available. Get your account today and start saving at:

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