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The Effects of Energetically Grounding Yourself

When I first heard someone talk about energetically grounding I thought they were kidding.

I have since childhood barely kept shoes on my feet. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes but my preference is always to be barefooted as much as possible. Inside, outside it doesn't matter. In no way did I ever imagine this personal preference as one of the most healing things I could do for my body, mental health and emotional balance.

Why Energetically Grounding Works for Your Health

The human body contains electricity. It is not enough to power your hair dryer or anything but there are electrical currents running throughout your body right now. Just like any electrical grid, it can become overwhelmed and you may experience rolling blackouts to help conserve energy. For the human body we may see this as exhaustion, adrenal fatigue or any number of things that result in our low energy, poor mood, and even poor digestion.

In today's fast-paced and digitally connected world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, scattered, or disconnected from ourselves and the present moment. Fortunately, there is a powerful practice that can help us find stability, restore inner balance, and reconnect with the Earth's nurturing energy: grounding. The importance of practicing grounding and how it can benefit our physical, mental, and emotional well-being is one I didn't even realize I was doing until someone told me it was called grounding.

Understanding Grounding Practice

Grounding is a practice that extends just my pleasurable walks about barefooted and yet it is as simple as that. When you ground to the Earth with your bare feet you are resetting your electrical current. The Earth provides the recharge and connection to anchor ourselves. It is very much like putting your cell phone on the charger. You do not need to dig in, just stand on the ground. Preferably in an area free of ground that is sprayed with chemicals.

Now where it extends beyond my bare feet habit, is that we need to intentionally bring awareness to our physical body and the sensations we experience while practicing grounding. This is akin to your yoga teacher telling you to breathe in fresh clean air and exhaling the garbage. By simply standing bare footed on Earth we not only feel the electricity of Earth's recharge but we can enhance the experience by letting it become a sensation that radiates through our entire being.

Benefits of Grounding

Before you chalk this up to some new-age kind of crazy, grounding has been used for centuries by native tribes for healing, spiritual guidance and even celebrations and passages of life.

The benefits of grounding are vast!

Grounding helps calm and stabilize our emotions so we can reduce feelings of anxiety , stress and being overwhelmed. Simply standing in your backyard with no shoes or socks can restore and provide a sense of emotional peace and some days isn't that exactly what we need in our day? It's like a big hug from Earth herself.

It also helps give us that solid foundation on which we stand. This can lend to a feeling of inner stability, security and emotional resilience. Too often the things we fear and are anxious about haven't even or may never happen and Earth's grounding helps us replenish our more optimistic outlook on life. I personally favor this benefit because not too many things in life can give this level of reassurance.

We can also through this experience gain an enhanced sense of clarity and focus that helps get through complex details and tasks. Our minds become calmer and quieter so we can focus on the present moment and make decisions from a balanced emotional position. Grounding helps us stop the emotional and mental chatter so we can concentrate. It has also been found to be helpful with improving overall cognitive function.

One of the best benefits and something we can all appreciate is groundings effects to help reduce the stress imprint on our health. Grounding helps us release excess energy, tension and stress that is being held in the body. In doing this we promote a more relaxed state that can help with sleep and immune protection.

With the tremendous benefits of emotional balance grounding provides, is it any wonder to learn it also helps release things we didn't realize we were still holding onto? Old emotions that have become stagnant in the body and limiting to our emotions can be holistically released through grounding. By connecting to Earth's energy we can release negativity, emotional blocks and open up our pathways for optimism, creativity and curiosity to return to us.

How to do Grounding

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I have been doing this for years and didn't realize I was doing it. You likely have too.

The best way to learn to ground well is to walk barefooted on natural surfaces. Grass, sand, soil and the like to establish a direct connection with the Earth's energy. This may feel weird at first if you don't typically walk outside barefoot but don't let that stop you.

The biggest caution I have is to please try to walk on unsprayed, chemical and pesticide free ground. Also, make sure the area is safe from litter, sharp things and the things that can damage your feet. Remember, the ground may be uneven too so if you need something for balance normally for walking, you will also need it for grounding.

As you simply walk around barefooted, "listen" to your body. Feel the negative ions and their soothing effect on your nervous system. This will feel refreshing, calming and you may even just feel happier.

Consider grounding your anytime invitation to be outside. Now obviously it won't be as much fun when there's snow, ice and extremes conditions but in general it helps us spend more time in nature. We disconnect with our phones, step away form our jobs and just breath for a few minutes.

As you do this you start to feel the immersion of yourself in nature and this is where our rhythm of vibration energy shifts to that of the Earth's energy.

Now of great importance is being mindful of this experience. Take those nice deep breaths of fresh air, tune into your body's messages and let the Earth do her magic. Grounding is the ideal way to learn the art of mindfulness and holistically align our pathways to how they were designed to run.

Contrary to popular beliefs you were not meant to run on caffeine and stress.

What I find helpful when I do grounding is using suggestive visualization. As I breathe in I imagine I'm breathing in from the soles of my feet up to the top of my head where it is released. The breath of air I'm taking in from my feet is from Earth's roots extending her touch all the way up my body. This is a powerful experience that gives me a sense of stability and connection.

Integrating Grounding into Daily Life

Grounding should be something we practice regularly. It is best done as often as needed but I find having a regular routine helps me recharge my current before it is run down.

You can even expand your grounding experience by integrating it into things like outdoor yoga, meditation or other movements that further give you reason to be barefoot outside.

Take breaks outside and encourage others to join you in conversation, short barefoot walks or having lunch in the sunshine. There is enough Earth energy for us all to benefit .

Grounding is a powerful practice that allows us to find balance, stability, and a deeper connection with ourselves and the Earth. By incorporating grounding techniques into our daily lives, we can enhance emotional well-being, improve mental clarity, and reduce stress. Embrace the practice of grounding, let go of distractions, and return to the present moment. Allow the Earth's energy to support you on your journey toward holistic well-being and inner harmony.

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