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What Your Face Says About Your Health through TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic approach to well-being. This modality recognizes the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit and be a guide to building good health. TCM practitioners like myself, believe the face reflects the internal state of our organs and overall health as well as indications of where we can see health changes. It can even give us clues to your past and future health status along with a variety of other interesting information to help us align the right support for the body’s ability to heal and build new health. By analyzing facial features and signs, TCM facial analysis can provide helpful insights into imbalances within the body, including nutritional deficiencies or excesses. This tool helps us navigate the best way to create change in health and even support goals like weight loss.

What is TCM Face Analysis

TCM is an ancient medicinal practice that is still used today. One of the tools within TCM is the TCM face analysis which is an assessment tool that creates a map for where further assessment can occur in identifying root causes to problems and their solutions.

When using this technique, we look for specific patterns, markings and indications on the face that correspond to different organs, body systems and lifestyle impacts. This process helps us see the pathways of energy (meridians) throughout the body and where blocks and support may be needed.

What’s most fascinating about this technique is the ability to align with recommendations the body is specifically able to use to help it improve health and thrive. This is where we can unlock the power of your own body to move the needle on stubborn health goals like weight loss. When you understand the right balance your body needs it is much easier to provide that support and have it be long lasting.

Please know that no holistic modality, including TCM face analysis cannot diagnose, prescribe or establish a medical care plan. Those are the things of Western medical doctors and pharmacies. Holistic medicines can be used alongside Western medicine but that is a conversation to have with your medical doctor. My personal opinion is if your doctor says no, then I’d question if they are the right doctor for you. Please keep in mind a holistic health practitioner like myself cannot change the care plan or prescriptions your medical doctor has given you. Those changes must be worked out with your doctor.

What’s looked at in TCM Face Analysis

When I work with a client to create their facial analysis the process looks like this:

First I take a picture of your face. Your normal resting face is important to refer back to and gives me a place to put markings I see that are important.

Then I methodically work from your hairline down to the bottom of your chin going through each area making notes of what I see.

Your skin quality is also considered because it and the color can indicate internal balances. Depending on where the color and quality changes can indicate specific body systems and organs that need support.

There is a map that aligns with different phases of life, organ systems and ages where your face will provide valuable information I collect. For example, your cheeks represent your lungs. The area under your eyes reflects the status of your kidneys and adrenals. Likewise, each feature such as your eyes, lips and nose each correspond to different organs and energy pathways (meridians) that flow through the body.

When the information is collected I then form it into a story about your health and include indications I see from each section of your face.

How is the TCM Facial Analysis Information Used?

With the story of your face mapped out, we can begin to determine your specific TCM element. We have tendencies of all the elements but everyone has one dominate. There are five elements in the TCM chart – Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood.

When we know your element we can begin to define specific dietary, exercise, stress strategies and more that match your needs. It can also tell us where you may need to watch for excess or supplement for a deficiency. These guidelines become a roadmap that can be used to show us what your body naturally thrives from and how best to support those needs.

I always provide my clients with specific foods that align with their element along with what foods to avoid. We also go through what their high energy season is, when is the best time for them to rest and when they are most creative. In most cases, these are aha moments for my clients where they realize what they really love is intentional and does make them feel great. Likewise, it identifies things that don’t work well for them and they now understand why.

Ultimately, the information gathered creates a way to balance the elements and body with dietary and supplement recommendations. It helps us mitigate potential problems and realistically work to improve current concerns. This decreases the force necessary to make changes and extends well beyond just our health. Understanding who you are and what you need to thrive applies to all aspects of our live including career, relationships, emotional and spiritual needs.

How do you get a TCM Facial Analysis

A qualified TCM practitioner or holistic health practitioner are typically trained in TCM facial analysis. While it can seem easy to do on your own, it is important you seek out qualified professionals to do it for you to prevent mistakes. Getting the wrong element alignment can change the recommendations drastically resulting in poor results and a potentially bad experience.

Additionally, the recommendations made by a professional will be personalized to you. Their findings may provide additional insight to other problems that can be further supported in this session. They will also help you create a plan and follow up with you to help provide ongoing support that can help you be successful.

When you combine TCM facial analysis with other lifestyle factors such as stress management, exercise, sleep quality and diet you can often create positive changes in your health that lead to increased vitality and quality.

TCM facial analysis offers a unique lens through which we can gain insights into our internal health and make informed dietary adjustments. By recognizing facial signs and corresponding organ imbalances, we can tailor our diet to address deficiencies or excesses and promote optimal well-being. Remember, TCM facial analysis is best utilized alongside professional guidance and a holistic approach to health that encompasses lifestyle factors. Embrace the wisdom of TCM and nurture your inner health for a vibrant, balanced life.

To book your facial analysis with me, setup a Holistic Health Consultation at

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