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The Fallacy of One Size

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There are times in my life when I am a little more emotional than others. Like the silliest thing will have tears welling up in my eyes for no reason. I will be watching a tv show, playing with my son or just some random activity and all of a sudden these odd feelings wash over me.  Next I know I’m a blubbering mess. My favorite is when I’m watching my son and realizing how big he is getting, how good he is at something or just how lucky I am to get to be his mom. Boom! There’s the tears. Proud momma tears, sad life passing tears, touching moments, you name it. Maybe it’s hormonal, maybe it’s that time of the month or maybe it’s just me. I can’t explain it or even do much than gently wipe my eyes and try to hide the fact I was crying at something other parents are sitting through calmly.

As I’ve grown in my natural health journey I’m realizing there is a close tie to my emotions and health. I can clearly see that when I’m happy I have more energy, wake up refreshed and ready, overall just feeling good.  When I am down and sad or highly stressed I’m likely to get a cold, not feel good physically, be achy and have low energy.  Of course us women have changes happening all the time in our bodies that only complicate these feelings and what it does to our physical health status.

The Inner and Outer Being

I have used in my own experimentation essential oils and natural products to help enhance the good feelings, soften the sadder ones and find a balance that works for me. I’ve seen over time how I can learn the song of my cells and what they need to help support their functions and drive what I’m feeling inside and out. For instance, everyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I’ve suffered from adult acne well into my 40s. I found natural cleansers and specially the doTERRA Zendocrine softgels that contain Geranium essential oil and some other good ingredients keeps my body detoxed and my face clear.  I finally have control of my face because of flowers and plants!

Likewise I’ve learned I can balance my  hormones to control the emergence of hot flashes and moodiness by a daily use of doTERRA Balance on the bottom of my feet in the morning. This oil contains Blue Tansy as well as Blue Chamomile, Osmanthus and other plants to help create that relief from stress, anxiety and moodiness. Again, flowers and plants driving to a more centered happy momma who can watch my son earn a karate belt and not miss it because there are too many tears in my eyes.

Why Flowers Work

Our bodies are a walking complex universe in of themselves. They are constantly doing something even when we think we are not doing anything at all but breathing. What’s happening at the cell level can be an orchestration of perfect harmony or it can be a chaotic circus of crazy monkeys.  Freeing our cells to perform optimally by detoxifying our bodies and reducing exposure to harmful ingredients can create function in an orchestrated way to improve, grow, support health and feel good.  We can support that work and the ongoing flow of our systems with nature.

We can choose what is happening in how we support our health through the food we eat, movements we do, sleep and rewards we give our body and mind. We can also provide many of the good things our bodies need from oils our bodies know how to use for their benefit. Even if we are not sure what’s causing tears to bubble up our eyes we can use essential oils to work through those emotions and find a more peaceful state. 

Flowers are one of the ways our bodies can get this natural support to help us enhance the good feelings we are enjoying or help lift us when we are sad. Our cells respond to these flowers, in the form of essential oils, to build on these feelings and supply what we need, even when we don’t know what that is necessarily. Our bodies try to use all that we give it every day but when we give it an essential oil it thrives similar to how we excel when we feel our best.  Using essential oils in this way is very similar to how we naturally know chicken soup makes us feel better when we are sick. It comforts us, helps us feel better and know we are loved. That’s what one drop of essential oil does for your body, mind and spirit. Applying oils to our body, taking pure high quality oils internally or just breathing them in provides that chicken soup support our cells can use for our benefit.

Chicken Soup of Essential Oils

Each oil has known capabilities that it is best used for when looking for support. The beautiful thing is most essential oils have common areas they cover so even if you weren’t sure you can’t go wrong in picking what speaks to you. Personalizing oils to your needs and finding what works best for you is the great thing about using natural medicine in your life. Unlike pharmaceuticals where there is just 1 pill for a certain symptom or condition,we can personalize our treatment to fit our exact needs and it could be different for each person.  

A great example is Magnolia essential oil. This oil is known to help with anxiety, depression, low energy as well as PMS symptoms including irritability. I love wearing Magnolia daily as a perfume. It smells very lovely to me and I feel beautiful when I put it.  I think it does help my energy be a little more positive. A friend of mine absolutely does not like the smell of Magnolia essential oil except for when she has a sinus infection. That is the only time it smells good to her and gives her relief.  Magnolia is a support oil for congestion and can help break up mucus when applied to the chest and back.  She however will not use it any other time. The same doTERRA Magnolia roller ball oil with two completely different experiences. Both of us are served by this oil but for very different reasons. 

Interested in more?

Experimenting with essential oils lets you personalize the experience to fit your specific needs. There isn’t a one size fits all solution to all our needs, likes and wants and now we can truly find what we individually need and what works best for us.

If you have questions about the products I describe in this post or any of the doTERRA natural products and oils please reach out. I’m happy to help you find answers for your specific questions.

The best way to purchase doTERRA is with your own wholesale access. There is never a requirement to purchase or sell. You simply shop when and for what you need and want. To start your natural health journey, click here:


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