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The First Day of Spring

I have been suffering from spring fever for a couple weeks now. The windows of my home have been able to be opened before we are swamped in clouds of green pollen floating in the air from the pine trees. Right now it’s crisp, clean and refreshing. Grass and flowers are emerging and all the birds have returned to playing wonderful music in the early morning hours. Yes it is definitely spring outside and in my soul.

As I look out my windows while working I crave to be outside! Feeling that fresh green grass under my bare feet and the warm sun drip down off my hair and onto my face. I feel like a caged bird wanting to get outside and soar through the blue skies. The first day of spring didn’t have to be on my calendar this day for me to know it’s time to be outside in nature, enjoying her splendor and beauty.

Beautiful spring days don’t last long in my area. The air will soon be en gulped in green pine pollen causing allergies, stuffy noses and sneezing. This will be followed by increasingly rising humidity filling the air so it feels at times we are breathing water. The temperatures will rise and the ground will get even warmer as summer overtakes this simple spring weather we enjoy now. This is why I crave being outside right now. Raking up pine needles and leaves, freshening garden beds with fresh layers of rich mulch, planting the first plants with hope of large blooms soon. It feels good to dig my hands into the soil and feel nature come alive. Spring fever is a real thing I believe. It deserves recognition like a holiday where we are allowed to not feel guilty for skipping work and going outside to play.

Every chance I get this is where you will find me. Right now as I write this post I am enjoying outside in my favorite patio chair under an umbrella so I can see the screen. I’m watching the dog chase dragonflies and our son skate around the pool. All of us benefiting from the weather, sun and enjoyment of spring’s bounty of fresh colors and air. It feels alive outside and it’s fueling my own energy and desires to be more active. It’s picking the first berries off the strawberry plants and eating them fresh from the garden. That tart sweetness reminding of freshness and reawakening a craving for nature’s foods.

Before I just run outside and dig in dirt I know I need to prepare my body. There’s fresh gloves to protect my fingers, particularly my nails. These are pretty and make me feel elegant while literally getting dirt all over me. Then there’s doTERRA TerraShield that smells wonderful and protects me against those early biting bugs that want me out of their way in the garden beds. At the end of my work outside when I’m dusty and dirty but smiling from enjoying my time there’s a tall cold glass of water with doTERRA lemon oil in it that is sweet, refreshing and replenishing. I want to enjoy nature so it’s only natural for me to reach for things that are natural based. Why do I want to block anything from me and nature that numbs me against nature’s glory?

Eliminating the chemicals from things like my sunscreen, chapstick, bug spray and what I drink gives me the best possible way to feel my best while having the appropriate protection I need to be in nature. It’s not smelling of a chemical factory overpowering my nose and senses so that I can enjoy the smell of the trees and plants around me. It’s knowing my family is protected as well and we can enjoy outside free of bug bites and rashes and enjoying the sun filling us with much needed vitamins and strength. Living natural in the spring means being outside and letting nature fill your heart with joy. It is simply enjoying being alive, outside and touching nature with your hands. Holding it freely and feeling it penetrate inside to lift your spirit. It is going outside protected and supported so you can fully enjoy this experience.

Are you ready to let nature lift your spirit on your natural health journey? Join me!

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