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The Furry Kind of Self-Love

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Pets are wonderful creatures that just know, sometimes more than we do, what we need. They are so instinctual and tuned in to their surroundings and us that often they can sense even the smallest change or threat well before any human.

Have you ever heard of cancer dogs?

These are dogs that seem to have a gift for sensing when someone is sick, has a disease like cancer or is nearing their end time. The dog will sense this and stay close to that person’s side as much as possible, even refusing to eat or go out so they don’t leave that person during this time. What a wonderful love these dogs share with us during a confusing, difficult and painful time.


Some animals just know when we need love, companionship, support or just a buddy to hang out with us. We can share our secrets, wishes, dreams, tears and pain with them freely and openly without judgement. Sharing a relationship with a furry friend is a blessing and sometimes just the right guidance we need to focus on our own self-love.

Messages from Rosa

I am fortunate these days to work from home and our golden retriever, Rosa, rarely leaves my side. If I leave my office for the bathroom or kitchen she is right there. If I’m on conference calls all day she is by my side through it all – even when I don’t have food. When I need to go somewhere she looks hurt when she can’t come with me. I’m so grateful for her companionship and love.


One of the things she most reminds me of is the need to take a break, change my scenery or let some distraction in. She will nuzzle my arm to pet her head or tell me it’s time to go outside. If it weren’t for those small hints I would often work straight through with no break at all for myself. I get so into what I’m doing or feel this need to complete a task that I will forego what my body is telling me. I will endure discomfort in the interest of getting something outside of my needs done and I do it all the time.

That type of abuse to myself needs to stop but I admit it’s a habit I formed long ago in my quest to be a high performer in the corporate world. I have always felt this need to work extremely hard, be the best and show I can get it all done. It however being work that helps someone else and has left me abusing and ignoring my own needs and dreams.

I know I’m not the only person who does this type of stuff to herself and ends up wondering why weight won’t come off or we don’t feel our best. Everyone knows we need to take breaks, take a walk, eat well, not look at our screens continuously but we do it anyway!

This long abusive habit though is ultimately bad for us because it prevents us from listening to our bodies, practicing self-care and demonstrating self-love to ourselves. It’s the equivalent of saying we don’t count and adds to the many reasons why we end up depressed, feeling unworthy and not beautiful.

Stop Ignoring Yourself

The whole point of this month’s blog theme was a message to myself and hopefully many of you that we need to stop ignoring ourselves. We deserve and owe it to ourselves to show we care about ourselves.

What that looks like is probably different for all of us but for me it is the tough realization that as hard as it is for me to admit this the hard work and long hours I put into my corporate job ends up with me just getting more work. The praise, raises and glory of that has not rewarded me with what I really need in my life. Instead, it’s left me with large lumpy thighs and sore fingers from typing all the time. It’s also left me with lost time with my family and friends that I will never get back. It has created these feelings of being overwhelmed and stress and tired.

It’s time to fill my own bucket of what I need and dream.

Listening to Rosa

My good companion and work buddy, Rosa, is right.


I need to get away from my desk more during the day and go outside with her. We need to walk around the block and see how far my work telephone signal will go away from my desk. Who says I can’t take a conference call outside?

Rosa knows when she needs to eat, go outside and when its time to play. I need to listen mo