The Melissa Challenge

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Melissa Challenge is an ideal way to support your emotional health needs if you are suffering from the January blues. Melissa is a natural support oil that when incorporated into our daily health routine gives our bodies a much needed immunity boost and supports our emotional system to negate feelings that are deflating and limiting.

When you are dealing with emotions such as depression, anxiety, loss, grief, feeling burdened or hopelessness these feelings can compound to effect our immunity making us susceptible to illness like colds and flu. Melissa essential oil has been used for centuries to support us during these types of needs and helps our immune system optimally operate.


The Melissa Challenge Steps

To use Melissa to help with emotional feelings like the January blues we want to start first by introducing this oil to our bodies.

Step 1 – 12 hour Method

Take 1 drop of Melissa oil on your thumb and rub it on the bottom of your tongue or roof of your mouth every single hour for 12 hours straight. Set an alarm to remind you when it’s time to take another drop.

The 12 hour application accomplishes two things quickly. First it introduces the oil to your brain and initiates it’s work to settle your feelings so you can navigate these emotions. It can take time to heal our emotions so a steady dose of Melissa helps trigger those healing capabilities. Secondly, our immune system receives a healthy boost to fend off from illnesses as a result of adrenal stress or physical symptoms that could result in us becoming ill with a cold for instance.

Step 2- Ongoing Support

After the 12 hour application, the recommended protocol is to take 1 drop on your thumb daily thereafter to your tongue bottom or mouth roof.


Melissa supports our emotional ability to feel happiness, joy and optimism. These feelings help support our energy levels so we feel more energetic, motivated and liberated from dark thoughts. We can also feel more connected to others and ourselves while expressing more optimistic outlooks. When we feel good emotionally and spiritually we are also likely to feel good physically and do things that support introducing other health habits to our life.

It could Melissa essential oil is exactly what we need to beat the January blues and keep our health resolutions for 2019.

A Little Background About the Melissa Plant

Melissa essential oil is a rare and beautiful oil derived from a variety of the lemon balm plant. While lemon balm is a typical backyard herb many of us grow for attracting butterflies and using in home recipes the variety for Melissa essential oil is actually very rare.

doTERRA’s Melissa oil comes from Bulgaria where the plant thrives in the seasonal weather of this lush country. The leaves look much like a mint plant with a white flower that will spout towards the fall season as it reseeds for the next year.


Though rare, Melissa has been used for centuries in many natural skin lotions and balms as well as medicinal blends in treating respiratory and skin concerns as well as emotional needs.

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