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The Pride of the South

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

You know you are in the south when you see the large sweeping branches and smell the sweet succulent aroma of magnolia trees. These majestic tall trees with full large blooms fill the air and sky with color and scent that is welcoming and gracious just like the South itself. The trees are full of history, tradition and culture.

While the South can claim the magnolia as their symbol of hospitality the tree itself is believed to have originated in Asia and was discovered and named by French explorer Charles Plumier on a French island. It is in fact one of the oldest life forms still living on Earth and was believed to be in existence prior to bees. Fossils of magnolia trees have been estimated to be over 20 million years in age.

The strength, hardiness and grace of these trees have helped it survive globally and is one of the most popular landscaping plants used in many yards and gardens. The plate sized blooms that appear in Spring are sweet, hearty and have a slight orange undertone to their scent. They are a natural draw for bees and butterflies.

The age of this tree has created a wealth of history and culture that we enjoy and apply to our modern lives in use and enjoyment of this plant.

Magnolia Medicine

Ancient Chinese medical records show magnolia used in medicinal treatments dating back as far as 100 A.D. The bark most notably was used for coughs and what is now known as asthma. The potency of magnolia bark has been found to be 1000 times stronger than Vitamin E.

Today, the essential oil derived from magnolia flower petals provides support for a multitude of needs including:

  1. Anxiety

  2. Depression

  3. Low energy

  4. PMS

  5. Menstrual cramping

  6. Hormone balancing

  7. Congestion

  8. Cough

  9. Sinus pressure

  10. Headaches

  11. Breast and Prostrate health

  12. Acne

  13. Dry skin

  14. Insomnia

  15. Anger

  16. Rage

  17. Irritability

  18. Grief

The doTERRA Magnolia oil comes in a pre-diluted roller ball bottler that allows for skin application directly to the area of need.

Beautiful Magnolia

The most notable use of magnolia is for perfume and body spray. It is a very feminine scent that can be used to replace chemical perfumes and colognes.

It can be blended with Neroli (bitter orange blossom) or Jasmine for a personalized scent that is more complex and varied.

Oil of Confidence

Magnolia is known to help enhance confidence, self-esteem and feelings of well-being. With its ability to sooth irritable emotions it also helps promote kindness, humanity and openness to others.

It is thought that socialite status men would bring magnolia blooms to express their love to their intended and was a symbol of nobility and status. Since Victorian times, the magnolia has been associated with pride, dignity and nobility.

Confident Pairings

Magnolia is a beautiful oil to use on its own but can be paired with interesting other oils to enhance benefits or create a personalized perfume.

  1. Jasmine for sensuality and femininity

  2. Neroli for nervousness and butterfly feelings

  3. Lime to energy boost and courage

  4. Patchouli for confidence, moderation and connection

Interested in more?

If you’re looking for increased confidence that you can count on nothing beats having a 20+ million year old tree backing you. Magnolia is a tree of grace and strength that is captured in a doTERRA Magnolia Touch that you can apply every day.

If you have questions or would like further information please reach out!

To get your doTERRA Magnolia Touch simply click here:

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