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The Thrifty Naturalist

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Realizing the true value and savings comes from the elimination of chemicals overall, we can look at the surface for daily savings and the little points of change that can make us all thrifty naturalists. Those small changes ultimately are what will preserve your health, reduce your risks to chronic illness and diseases and represent health care cost savings. Each person is going to have a different savings from that change that is unique to them.

Today, though we’re going to look more close to every day at what a thrifty person’s wellness order looks like and how they manage it alongside the standard things that are needed each month. If you have ever clipped coupons or shopped based on weekly sales then you realize the value of saving a few cents on products and how those add up to real savings overall. This will show you the cost with all things considered, including shipping and tax and the comparison price of “regular products.”

Thrifty Order

Starting with household products and personal care we can also include some health related support products to achieve all we need for daily life.

Laundry detergent

A 64 load bottle of doTERRA OnGuard Detergent costs $27.50 retail ($36.67 retail). Compare this to a 72 count Tide Pods for $19.99 (, Tide 105 ounce bottle $19.99 ( and there is a $7.51 increase in cost until… you factor in the points rebate earned through the loyalty program. The points earned back are 8.25 (assuming 30% rebate earnings level) That makes the final cost of the doTERRA OnGuard detergent $19.25

This is a $.74 discount and over 100 chemical reduction to your laundry.


Toothpaste costs anywhere from $1.60 to $8.00 depending on brand and sale cycle of the store. The average price for a single tube of toothpaste is $4.99 for regular toothpaste and $6.99 for sensitive type.

The OnGuard Toothpaste costs $8.50 ($11.33 retail). That is a $1.51 increase until again you factor in the rebate savings from the loyalty program. In this case, those rebate points would be 2.55 making the cost of the doTERRA toothpaste $6.

Savings in this case are $.99 in favor for the doTERRA toothpaste as well as a large number of chemicals zapped from landing on your teeth.

Interested in more?

Not only can you greatly reduce the chemicals but you can save money doing it. No coupons or waiting for sales required.

Are you ready to become your own thrifty naturalist? The ability to change our path without busting the budget is entirely accessible and affordable. If you have questions about the products I describe in this post or methods I used to calculate the savings, please reach out.

To begin your thrifty naturalist journey simply click here:

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