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The Warrior’s Flower

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Known as St. John’s weed, Italian straw flower, curry plant, dwarf curry, goldilocks and the Everlasting Flower, Helichrysum may be the best kept secret of all when it comes to natural health support and solutions. It is growing in recognition as being known as the Warrior’s Flower for it’s helpful support to soldiers and others suffering from PTSD.

Helichrysum has been used since ancient Greek times for medicine needs but little has been documented on its history. The flowers were known to have been used god offering for prosperity and long life. The sparse documentation on this flower though explains why it is considered a newcomer to the essential oil marketplace as research and exploration into this plant’s healing capabilities continues. The plant itself thrives in the dry sandy soil of South Africa where there are over 200 varieties of the plant known to exist. It is part of the daisy flower family.

What is unique about this plant is that the flowers when dried hold their form, color and firmness for an extended time period. They are considered a positive omen to keep in the home to ward off illness and evil. The flowers are commonly used for perfumes giving musks and colognes a heavier, sweeter scent.

Honing in on Helichrysum Healing

Helichrysum medicinal uses included treatments for supporting healing from skin irritations, respiratory issues, insomnia, infection and gallbladder pain. It was a common staple frequently applied by healers for every day illnesses due to it’s antibacterial properties.

Today, Helichrysum essential oil continues to be used for a variety of needs including:

  1. Nosebleeds

  2. Scar healing

  3. Bruising

  4. Varicose veins

  5. Earaches

  6. Sinus congestion

  7. Metal toxicity

  8. Psoriasis

  9. Nerve damage

  10. Stretch marks

Helichrysum is known for its beauty support to help manage fine lines and wrinkles and works well with Myrrh for these needs.

The doTERRA Helichrysum oil can be taken internally. Due to taste it is recommended this be done through a capsule. It can also be diffused for aromatic use or applied topically to the skin.

The Warrior’s Oil

When it comes to emotional pain and grief, helichrysum is known for it’s emotional balancing and healing. This oil is particularly helpful when working through trauma, deep depression and anguish that leaves us feeling hopeless.

The oil is considered a “warrior’s oil” because of it’s use in helping soldiers heal from the emotional war wounds and things that cannot be forgotten but must be healed from. Using this oil gives courageous hope to those that have difficulty talking of their pain or are naturally determined, have a high level of perseverance and are normally strong but are going through a hard time processing trauma.

Diffusing this oil or applying it to the skin helps bring these calming times to process information and make sense of how to heal from it.

Companion Oils

These oils work very well with Helichrysum essential oil to support trauma healing as well as physical needs.

  1. Ginger to anxiety associated with stomach and digestion

  2. Wintergreen for clearing emotions and sorting information

  3. Lime for detoxification support

  4. Siberian Fir to calm, soothe and be open

  5. Peppermint for uplifting energy from being emotionally drained

  6. Clary Sage for emotional balancing and hormonal support

  7. Lavender for supporting rest and restoration

Interested in more?

Many around us suffer from things like anxiety, depression, trauma and even post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Helping this person heal from these diagnosis is challenging and often it can seem nothing helps. Using the Warrior’s Oil can support this person and provide them a tool that may provide that relief so they can continue focusing on the path to healing.

If you have questions about the oils described in this post please reach out.

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