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The Wedding Flowers

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Today’s weddings spend a large part of their budget on the flowers. There are flowers for the church or ceremony site, reception, wedding party and of course the bride and groom. A great deal of thought and design goes into creating the perfect wedding bouquet that represents the happy couple. Often this means using flowers that are a favorite, in memory of someone, is part of a tradition and sometimes it’s simply because a certain flower fits the overall design and contemporary of the wedding.

The flowers get a lot of attention and will be in literally every photo so it’s by right they get a decent amount of planning and preparation for the big day. Many brides choose fresh flowers for their bouquet so they not only have a beautiful display but a pleasant aroma for when they walk down the aisle.

Many of the flowers we choose for our wedding have emotional and health benefits that we can use during our big day! For instance Victorian brides, who were often pushed into arranged marriages for property, titles, status or political gains often included orange blossoms in their bouquet as a symbol of nobility but also because of the calming and soothing effects the aroma of the flower provide.

True Flower Power

Many flowers can trigger allergies and sneezing due to the pollen and heavy scent they emit. In a closed space for a wedding that can easily become overwhelming for the bridal party and guests. As much as I love fresh flowers I went with artificial bouquets and used fresh flowers elsewhere so that I wouldn’t risk getting an allergy attack mid-wedding.

The beauty of this swap is I didn’t have to forego the scent of flowers as I could use essential oils from pure flower blossoms to replace the scent with one that would not trigger allergies and headaches for me or my guests. When you do this the scent is there but without the pollen or reactions that flowers can sometimes trigger. Simply apply a couple drops to the bouquet and your own wrists and enjoy your day.

Flower based essential oils like Jasmine, Magnolia, Neroli, Osmanthus and more make wonderful aromas and beautiful wedding scents without the pollen.