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The Zen of Digestion

With over 70% of our health being derived from our digestive system it is important to support and strengthen this area of the body regularly. There are a few tricks I’ve learned to help in this area and have resulted in great improvements in reducing heart burn and improving how I feel.

Occasional Discomforts

When bouts of unpleasantness hits my stomach I reach for the doTERRA DigestZen. This oil works fast to calm, soothe and comfort. It has a licorice taste so if you’re not a fan of that there is a soft gel form that can also be used.  I attest it works extremely well with tacos and other things that make your stomach make scary noises later.

  1. Apply 1 drop under your tongue for instant help

  2. Apply with a carrier lotion to your chest and stomach to relieve heart burn, indigestion, upset tummy, diarrhea and other stomach related needs

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Routine Care

Nightly I take a DigestZen TerraZyme to support my digestion in breaking down foods that I’ve eaten during the day. It is a great supplement to compliment the healthy and unhealthy foods we eat. Unless you’ve grown, washed, cooked and served the food yourself there can be no assurance what is contained in that meal. TerraZyme helps ensure our digestive systems are equipped to handle these situations.


Digestive Do-Over

Occasionally, it may even help to reset our digestive system and help it heal. Let’s face it our digestive system goes through quite an ordeal with the amount of processed foods the average American will intake as part of their daily diet.

When I’ve been traveling a lot and not eating as well as I should I like to start out a new month with a healthy dose of detox that includes adding in doTERRA’s GX Assist.  This supplement is taken for 2 weeks to clean out and rid the digestive system of toxins that prevent good digestion from occurring.


Then for the next two weeks, I work on resetting my digestion to work properly and build up healthy acids and bacteria using the doTERRA PB Assist supplement.


Knowing how to support your digestive system is one of the best ways to spread health to the rest of the areas in your life. When you feel good inside you’re more likely to feel better outside.

Interested in more?

If you want to improve your digestive health reach out to me! I’m happy to answer any questions your have and find the right doTERRA supplements for your needs.

You can email me at

To enroll and purchase these supplements at wholesale pricing, contact me!

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