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Three Popular Sets

One of the most common questions I get from people interested in using essential oils is what enrollment or starter kit they should purchase.

doTERRA has created some really nice starter sets of oils and products that are terrific for helping new users start their oil journey. The sets vary in size and can focus on different areas of health and home depending on interest and need. Of all their starter kits, there are three that are the most popular among new oil users and for good reason. These kits contain:

  1. Everything a new user needs to start their oil journey for their needs and interests

  2. Are not overwhelming with many complicated oil blends and products

  3. Contain enough oil to adequately experiment, learn, try and apply to your life

  4. Can be easily added to and expanded as you are ready for more

Natural Solutions Kit

This kit is for the person who is serious about adopting a natural lifestyle in their home and updating their health care to include alternative health methods. This kit is a solid foundation to replacing many commonly used products used including:

  1. Vitamins and supplements

  2. Cleaners

  3. Personal products including shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and hand soap

  4. Digestive support

  5. Muscle support

  6. Aromatic tools

  7. Immunity protection

  8. Skin care

  9. Respiratory care

While this kit is large it is not completely overwhelming and can be easily applied to a family or individual wanting to make a complete transition day one.

The benefits of this kit include:

  1. Significant savings of $228.95 from purchasing those items individually at wholesale pricing

  2. 100 points to use on other products and oils

  3. 15% earnings rebate towards all future purchases (which will increase up to 30% incrementally every 3 months. NOTE: Smaller starter kits start at 10% earnings)

I recommend this kit if you are serious and want a complete transformation.

nat sol kit.png

Home Essentials Kit

This smaller kit is powerful. It contains everything a new user needs to switch their home and lifestyle to a natural method. It too will conquer a lot of areas in your life and and home day one but on a simpler level. Every oil contained in this kit can be used for a multitude of purposes immediately.

I love this kit because it provides new users with the basic oils everyone should know how to use and exposes you to the need for education about oils. This kit’s oils are ideal for someone who wants to learn how to use oils, what types of oils work best for them, and creates a launch pad for increasing that knowledge to other areas important to them.

Included in this kit is also a wonderful diffuser that is great for first time users. Again the quality of diffuser matters and with the doTERRA diffusers you can trust you will get a machine that will run well, last a very long time and is easy to use.

The 10 most popular and commonly used doTERRA oils are contained in this kit. From oils to detox your body, support your diet and health goals, relieve muscle, fever, pain, illness and more are here. There are also ways to use these oils for cleaning, home air quality improvements and more.

I highly recommend this kit for everyone. It’s affordable with a significant savings of almost $87 compared to individually purchasing these items are wholesale.

home ess kit.png

Family Essentials Kit

There are only a couple differences between this kit and the Home Essentials kit described above. The oils in the kit are exactly the same as the Home Essentials.

  1. Instead of 10ml bottles the kits provides 5ml sizes

  2. Instead of a diffuser the kit contains 2 beadlets of Peppermint and On Guard. The beadlets are incredible for learning to use oils internally

Other than that, the kit has the same benefits for beginning oil users.

Add on a savings of almost $37 and you’ve started your oil journey economically and well founded in the essentials.

fam ess kit.png

Beginning your oil journey with the right kit is very important. This starts with understanding what you want to use oils for in your life and home. As you expand your knowledge and use you can easily add in more complex blend oils and products to enhance your journey.

Interested in more?

If you are ready to start your oil journey, reach out to me! I’m happy to help you find the right oils for your needs and interests.

For questions, please email me at

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