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Understanding Your Body's Electromagnetic Biofield

Have you ever felt a subtle but palpable energy surrounding your body?

This is your energetic field, known as the biofield. It is an integral aspect of our existence. While invisible to the naked eye, the biofield plays a significant role in our overall well-being and your health. Understanding the natural significance of the biofield and how it affects your health can help you understand why you don't feel well and how we seem to just "fall" sick at unexpected times.

What is an electromagnetic biofield?

Your biofield is the electromagnetic current that runs through and around your body. It extends beyond our physical body as well and is composed of energetic components including subtle energy and quantum fields.

It is what you feel when you have a vibe about a person or situation as well as what you sense when you taste, smell, touch, hear or see something that may or may not be there.

Each of us has our own unique biofield and they interact with the environment we live in. It encompasses the physical body as much as it covers our thoughts, emotions and experiences. It's how we experience and live life.

Your home has a significant influence on your biofield which is one of the reasons behind why spring cleaning is so therapeutic.

Your biofield's electromagnetic component is generated by your body's electrical activities such as nerve pulses and biochemical processes that help your heart beat. You can see these currents on electroencephalograms (EEGs) or electrocardiograms (ECGs).

Subtle energy fields are the elusive aspects of the biofield. They are the currents we cannot actively measure but we know they are there. It is what is used in traditions and cultures like traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda practices. You experiences these energies by your thoughts, emotions, environment, circumstances and interactions.

Quantum fields is the concept of quantum physics and its relationship to the biofield energy. Quantum fields have a zero-point energy (quantum coherence) that can contribute to how we respond to stimuli and that influence our biofield's functionality.

Together these components give us life. In Chinese medicine you have heard this called chi, qi or vital force. It all has the same meaning which is representing our essence of living and that happens through the biofield energies that vibrate in and around us.

Why the electromagnetic biofield is important

When you know how the components of the biofield interconnect you can begin to see how they influence our physical, mental and emotional health. It also helps explain imbalances we can experience that can manifest into physical pain and illness symptoms, emotional distress like depression and anxiety and have an overall effect on the our vitality.

Caring for our biofield becomes much like any other aspect of our health care routine. We actively work on maintaining and building harmony in the biofield to create homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the place in our health when all things are in balance. Our body is in a perfect place to protect, function and operate optimally to maintain health. When we are out of balance, we increase our risk for illness, feel run down, are drawn to junk food, encounter brain fog and don't sleep well --- to name a few things.

These are ways our body is telling us that we are no longer in a homeostasis place and our biofield is encountering dents in its sphere. Think about this like a car that is being hit in a storm of hail and the hood becomes dented. That's what our biofield is experiencing in these situations.

How to Attune to Your Electromagnetic Biofield

Working on your biofield health increases your awareness of it. It becomes a yin-yang circle where there is no beginning or end and we are constantly evolving and growing in our understanding it. There are several practices we can use to help improve our awareness and attune into our biofield.

The ways we attune to our biofield is actually really things we already know how to do. We can completely own the process of when and how we do these things too.

Meditation for your electromagnetic biofield

The practice of meditation helps you do more than be present and release stress. When you meditate you are actually tuning into your biofield. You feel the tingle in your fingers, your pulse vibrate through your veins and your breath come in and out of your lungs. This is your biofield on a physical level. Bringing your thoughts into focus, and letting your emotions come up is also biofield responses through the experience of meditation.

Breathwork for your electromagnetic biofield

We often think of breathwork just being something we do in yoga class. Yet intentionally taking time throughout our day to focus on the breath and practice deep breathing has significant benefits to our well-being. We release stress and toxins just sitting there waiting for us to release them!

Energy Exercises for your electromagnetic biofield

Yoga and Qi-Qong are two exercises that I highly recommend when we are wanting to incorporate energy support in your regularly routine. They intentionally move the body, engage the mind and set us up to feel our biofield in a tangible way.

Energy Therapies for your electromagnetic biofield

Energy therapies is a group of natural medicine modalities focusing on how energy flows within and around the body. A trained naturopath, like myself, can apply the right therapy to help your personal situation.

Within the energy therapies is the use of crystals, essential oils, and easily accessible tools for every day use. As interest in this area has grown it is important to use a reliable source for your crystals and oils to ensure quality and safety for use.

I personally use Conscious Items for my crystals. One of my favorite items is The Energy Bracelet.

How to Heal Your Biofield

As we encounter stress, electromagnetic fields (EMF), and toxins in our environment and lifestyle, our own biofield responds to try and protect us. Similar to our immune system it is designed to help us navigate challenging circumstances and protect our health. Also like our immune system, our biofield can encounter weaknesses as a result of not having what it needs to maintain that protective field and simply becoming overwhelmed with constant battering of threats.

We heal our biofield by using traditional modalities in holistic health care. These practices restore our pathways to allow our biofield to recover and return the flow of energy to areas that were damaged or weakened. Think of this as dent-less paint repair for your body where you pull out the dents from stress and trauma to restore the hood of a car damaged by hail.

Afterwards we feel calmer, restored and rejuvenated so we can reset our present circumstances in a way that feels better moving forward. These energy dents can be physical from injury, illness or even subjective like trauma and tattoos. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually we can also feel depleted energy, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other feelings that we are just not able to process and bounce back from difficult situations.

Using acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, chakra balancing, mud-packing and Reiki we can restore the body and harmonize the biofield. It may take a few sessions to see significant results based on the severity and longevity of the situation we are dealing with.

Managing Your Lifestyle and Your Biofield

Incorporating healthy habits is important not only for your overall health but that of your biofield. Good nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, sleep and even hydration play a role in the vitality of your biofield.

Connecting with nature is probably one of the biggest changes we see when people are more attune to supporting their biofield. We are drawn to nature more because it is like a recharge to our battery that feels good. There is a vibrational energy that restores our positive influences in the body and this helps the biofield also strengthen.

Where Your Electromagnetic Biofield can Take You

The biofield energy is an essential aspect of our existence, intricately connected to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By understanding and nurturing our biofield, we can enhance our vitality, promote balance, and cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. Embrace practices that foster awareness, explore energy healing modalities, and make holistic lifestyle choices to support the harmonious flow of your biofield energy. Remember, the biofield is a source of life force within us, and by embracing its significance, we can unlock our true potential for holistic health and well-being.

To work with me on your biofield or other health need, schedule a holistic health consultation at

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