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Versatility At It’s Best – Citrus Essential Oils

In our home we use a lot of citrus oils almost daily for something. They are happy, cheerful and uplifting regardless of how we are using them and I never run out of ways to incorporate them into new things I’m doing.

Off the top of my head we currently have all of these in our home, opened and being used:

  1. Tangerine

  2. Lemon

  3. Wild Orange

  4. Lime

  5. Pettigrin

  6. Lemongrass

  7. Grapefruit

  8. Kumquat

  9. Citrus Bliss

Yes, we really do use them all and I’m probably forgetting a couple!

These oils are usually relatively inexpensive compared to other oils and with the option to apply aromatically, topically and internally you can’t go wrong with a little indulgence in this area of oils.

Even if you are not a fan of a particular type of citrus, like I do not like the taste of grapefruit, the variations between the different citrus essential oils give you options to enjoy citrus without the intensity you may get from one of them. By the way I do like the grapefruit essential oil but when I eat a real grapefruit its like taking a spoonful of pepper to my tastebuds so thankfully the oil does not do that and I can happily drop it in my diffuser or drinking water free of pepper taste.

The beauty of the citrus family of essential oils is their multitude of uses! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Tangerine and Balance diffused to create a positive and cheerful scent in my home office. It’s actually one of my favorites to diffuse while at work

  2. Wild Orange and Peppermint is another diffuser favorite of mine while working and needing to focus on tough tasks

  3. Lemon I like to drop into my water for a refreshing drink throughout the day and I use this particular oil for surface cleaning, laundry and for freshening a room with the diffuser for a just been cleaned smell. Lavender-Lemonade made with Lemon and Lavender oils is awesome too!

  4. Lime is excellent for memory, exhaustion and depression. It is wonderful used in the diffuser alone or with Balance, Peace or Myrrh