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What Do You With Them?

There is so much talk these days about essential oils and literally every where you go you will see some form of oils on a shelf for purchase. Quite honestly if you’re not familiar with them it’s perfectly fair that a person would not know exactly what they are, what they do or how to use them and therefore why spend the money on them?

I understand these concerns and questions because I asked them myself.

As a busy full time working mom, I didn’t need one more thing causing expense, extra work or time spent in my day away from the things I’d rather be doing. I also didn’t want to just go full throttle into natural solutions to find out they didn’t work and weren’t something we would actually use.

So what exactly do you do with an essential oil?

Essential oils are multipurpose and can be used in every area of your life and home – literally.

You can:

  1. Clean your home

  2. Do your laundry

  3. Freshen and purify the air in your home

  4. Mop your floors

  5. Control allergens and dander

  6. Support your immune system

  7. Kill germs and fight bacteria

  8. Treat cuts and wounds

  9. Clean your body and face

  10. Detox your body

  11. Support your health and weight

  12. Manage your emotions

  13. Support sleep

  14. Treat illness

  15. Treat fevers

  16. Improve digestion

  17. Treat burns and sunburns

  18. Treat bug bits and skin irritations

  19. AND MORE!!!

For me, I started with essential oils as a way to deal with my adult acne. At over 40 years of age, I had never had clear skin and had spent thousands of dollars on skin care products, dermatologists, light treatments, micro derm abrasion, prescription medications and anything else that promised to help my skin stop breaking out. I even at one point was taking a prescription that was so risky it required me to have a blood test every 3 weeks to make sure it wasn’t negatively impacting my liver. Nothing worked and if it did it was only for a short time period and would come back worse.   (see my post from “NO MORE! Winning the War Against Adult Acne” from January 30, 2018)

There is also a similar story to mine in this video where she also goes into an overview of the doTERRA healthy skin regime.

I was skeptical but I tried it because I had tried everything else. Essential oils worked and my face has never looked better. Maybe it’s the fact they are natural and pure and my body responded to them or maybe its something else. Regardless, it worked and it got me assessing and changing a lot of other things in our home to essential oils.

Essential oils are more easily absorbed into our cells because their chemistry is similar to that of our own bodies. They don’t need to break down the cell to eradicate illness and deliver health.

We are all very comfortable going to the grocery store, retail market or online to shop for goods and products we use in the course of taking care of selves, our family and our homes. We often don’t think twice about picking a bottle of cleaner, air freshener, detergent or facial wash from a retailer.  Be honest with yourself, how often do you really look at the ingredients label? I certainly didn’t. More often than not, I was more concerned if I had a coupon for it. In doing this however, we introduce thousands of chemicals and toxins that can impact our health and our home’s environment.

Essential oils come from nature. They are the elements of a plant, tree, leaf or flower that is steamed and distilled to pull the plant’s natural compounds out. Essential oil literally means essence of the plant.  When we replace common products and personal items with essential oil based items we are:

  1. Reducing toxins and chemicals in our home

  2. Experiencing what true clean smells like

  3. Reducing the toxins in our bodies

  4. Building health with nature instead of man-made chemical based items

Because plant cells are similar to our own cells so they can be more easily absorbed to deliver goodness we need.

How They Work

For our bodies, essential oils work through absorption into our cells. They are effective because the plant chemistry is similar to the cell’s found in our own bodies. This means they can more easily enter our cells to deliver goodness instead of traditional medicine where they typically break down the cell to eradicate illness and hope the cell rebuilds.

Many large institutions and universities are expanding research into natural treatments to supplement and or replace traditional disease management. This is exciting and welcoming in an age where we are seeing antibiotics and other prescription medications be overused and lose their effectiveness or develop negative health altering dependencies that lessen our quality of life.

Instead we can apply what is already around us from nature to support health, emotions and deliver real healing. As I’ve written before, it is important to work with your doctor on your medication and treatment plan and have open conversations about the use of natural solutions in that treatment. There is a place for traditional medicine and treatment and it can work well with nature.

In our homes, we can use essential oils to replace cleaners with natural versions that are deliver real cleanliness and germ fighting ability without chemicals. We also experience a much less harsh smell that can be toxic to our health and that of our children and pets. This works to reduce our exposure to chemicals that are probably causing some of the diseases we are encountering in our lives.

When we use essential oils in our diets, health and personal care routines we are again reducing toxic exposure but we are giving our bodies what they crave. Real vitamins, minerals, elements straight from nature that support our cells, systems and brain. We can strengthen and gain real health, reduce our potential for illness and step forward in feeling good. Many of us have forgotten what it means to actually feel good, energized and happy in a very, very long time.  That alone is worth the look at what essential oils can do in your life.

Will They Make You Weird?

Since using essential oils and transitioning many of the things my family uses to natural products from oils, I have to say we’re still a normal family. We still eat red meat and enjoy a  root beer float occasionally. There’s still laundry piled up and the dishwasher probably needs to be emptied. Our dog still likes her squeaky toy and will try to steal the cat food when we’re not looking. We still live on a budget and there’s a minivan in the driveway. We’re still trying to do a good job making sure our son grows up to be a good human being. Pretty normal I’d say.

What has changed about us, is we are more attentive to the things in our home that could cause health problems. We are supporting our physical and emotional health using essential oil based products and we’re cleaning our home with more natural essential oil based cleaners.

For me, I don’t wear as much make up anymore because my face isn’t all broken out and I feel better than I have in ages since switching to a natural vitamin that seems to give my body what it needs. I feel energetic and motivated to move my body. I am more motivated to eat healthier and sleep very soundly.

I don’t call that weird.

I have been very impressed and satisfied with the essential oils and natural products I have gotten through doTERRA. These items have changed a lot about our home and health.  It was easier than I thought to incorporate them into our lives and replace cleaners, personal care items and other products with essential oils. It has also been cost effective.

Interested in more?

If you have questions about essential oils, please let me know. I’m happy to tell you what’s worked for me and my family and help you find what will work for you and your family.

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