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What I Know for Sure about 2020

This is an amazing time to be alive. The year 2020 seems to hold promise unlike any year prior has for a long time. It’s going to be a brilliant year! What we manifest can be possible in a year as magical as this one. There is power in this year and you can feel it vibrate through the minutes and into our beings. We are alive with the energy of this year that is influencing, moving and nurturing our souls. What I know for sure about the year 2020 is we all have an opportunity to dream and bring those dreams to reality.

Each year starts with a fresh calendar. Twelve months of beautiful white paper waiting for our intentions, goals, appointments, lists, priorities, focus points and must remember notes. We open these pages to reveal a fresh start. A way to begin again and feel the page has turned and the slate is clean. Certainly we can feel these changes each day with a new dawn break bringing fresh sunlight in our windows but a new year brings that to us in a much more noticeable way. There is a heightened anticipation, awareness and flow of energy that is larger and louder in calling to us for change.

The Year of Change

To change is to grow. We sometimes resist growing because it can be challenging and uncomfortable. We resist because it is also unknown what the outcome could be so we’d rather stay safely where we are. In a world where so much loss and misfortune can happen to anyone at basically any time we are risk adverse on most things that could jeopardize what we have now.

Sure there could be riches, fame, glory and the stuff of legends and adventure around the bin but what if it’s a nightmare instead? What if nothing goes right and we find ourselves losing everything? These are tough decisions we all face sometimes more often than we care for but what I know for sure is we all have exactly what we need to make the right decision for us and be successful.

Experiencing this fresh year these past couple weeks while it is still new feels different somehow. There is possibility and a hope that hasn’t been felt in a long time. I see it in my friends faces and hear it in their voices that this year is going to be different. They are hopeful. Where did this feeling come from? Why is it so noticeable this year? I find myself also hopeful. It seems the tide of change while still challenging at times may actually be a friendly and encouraging in our growth. Will we be ready for it? Will we desire what it brings? There is no doubt it will be what we need, exactly when we need it because that’s how nature works. It is our responsibility and obligation to be open to receive these blessings and learn that flow of nature that runs through us and see these changes with acceptance and grace.

I entered this year with a list of goals to accomplish and a to-do list of dreams I want to see materialize. Somehow even though it’s nearing the end of January I still feel called to work on these. I feel motivated and encouraged. It’s as if I finally figured out what was right for me and where I want to take it. What I know for sure is when we are truly aligned we can see clearly. We can use the tools we have to materialize things that once seemed impossible. We can influence, reach and inspire others by just taking action on our own dreams. While all that may have changed is the page on a calendar sometimes that is all the change we need to propel to greater new heights.

The Year of Connection

2020 seems futuristic and free. We live in the most technologically advanced times that has ever existed. The future truly is right now. We can define our own paths and go anywhere we desire. Yet, despite this freedom we can feel lost, disconnected and alone. Our technology has actually separated us emotionally and physically unlike any other time of the human race. I encourage you to use this new year for reconnection, rebirth of relationships and true communication that feeds our need for friendships, relationships, love and connection. What I know for sure is a phone will never replace that encompassing fulfilling feeling of being deeply embraced by someone who loves you.

Use this year to build those relationships in real life. Feed and nurture them so they flourish.

Opening ourselves up to new adventure can also mean new connections to others we meet on our journey. How wonderful it is to have a friend or loved one by your side on a journey that is changing your life. How incredible it is to share the rewards and have someone with you when you win a great feat. Having that someone who knows what you went through and saw you come out the other side victorious, who is always cheering you on is incredible for our motivation and strength. We can in fact find strength we didn’t even know we had all because someone we find inspiring, encouraging, supportive and by our side is there with us every step of the way. What I know for sure is in 2020 we need less followers and more relationships.

As a result of this massive disconnection and not in real life relationships we have it will awkward at first remembering how to make real friends. It will be uncomfortable and we won’t want to do it at times. We have developed anxiety and introvertness that makes us avoid crowds, new people and experiences requiring us to make small talk, meet new people and enjoy the experience.

What I know for sure though is most people feel the same as us so by extending an outreach to anyone in those types of settings we are helping each other and it can actually be a wonderful experience. I encourage you to accept invitations and actually use your voice not your fingers more this year when you communicate to others.

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Aligning and Flowing

This is a year we can align and flow more with nature and come back to our true selves. We can experience the transformation of growth and change more gracefully and fully when we are aligned. Change is always easier when we are flowing with natural occurrences rather than reacting to surprises. Being true to ourselves and using technology to support these changes is powerful and only something that could have happened in this time we live in now. What I know for sure about this new year is we all have the very real possibility of hope and change that can transform our entire being. How will you use that energy in your year?

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