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What If It Does Work?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Being even slightly ill is such a major inconvenience. Who has time to be sick and having to cancel plans because you’ve come down with something? My favorite are the child germs that come home from school and pass to everyone in the house sometimes more than once. It’s miserable and no one is good at being sick.

Most of us try to avoid getting sick as much as possible. If someone says they are not contagious but they are sitting there coughing up their lung or miserly looking like they have the plague I’m backing way back. Contagious or not it looks contagious and I don’t want it. I am constantly making sure things are wiped down and we are protected as much as possible to avoid getting sick.

Sooner or later we all do get sick. It happens. Hopefully it’s not terrible but we are all going to catch a cold, have a virus, experience a sinus headache or perhaps get the flu. Can you actually prevent the frequency of when these illnesses occur and what do you do about it when you do get sick?

Flu Season

Every where starting in September through March there is a push for everyone to get their flu shot. For years I was required to get a flu shot because of where I worked in healthcare. For the past few years I have been able to have a choice about getting one or not. I have chosen not.

This post is not going to bash those who get a shot and those that don’t. I think it is a personal decision, both could be right and there are situations where a flu shot could be the best course of action and others where it is not. I am however going to ask the question I would ask every year to my employer when this would come around in a memo that we had to get a flu shot.

Rather than injecting a dangerous virus in us and expecting our bodies to figure out how to kill it, wouldn’t a better approach be ensuring our immunity system was best positioned to protect us against all illness threats year round by just being more healthy overall?

You can technically get the flu at any time during the year. We are more prone to getting flu during colder months because of the confinement of being indoors more where people are more likely carrying germs and viruses that get passed person to person as a result of not washing our hands and surfaces frequently. Our bodies however have natural antibodies equipped to deal with illness. Forcing our bodies to overproduce antibodies to fend off a virus we have intentionally injected into our bodies seems a weird way to prevent flu. Especially considering that even with the flu shot someone can still contract getting the flu. How about we just boost our immunity without the virus interference?

This is what I have been doing in lieu of getting a flu shot.

But It’s…

It can seem when you tell someone you use natural options for health that they don’t believe that works. But what if it does? What if it does work better or at least as good as the over the counter meds you purchase for a flu or cold? What if it does actually protect against flu for most of us? What if it actually does boost your immunity without the necessity of injecting a scary virus into your body to force it to contend with that on top of supporting you through you normal day?

We are so quick to turn to medicine and treatments but equally quick to dismiss things we can proactively do ourselves. We discount what is accessible to us believing it is not good enough or effective to fit what we need. We own our bodies and we must be taking care of them every day instead of this constant run to the doctors with every boo-boo. Are we seriously doing all we can to be healthy in the first place? Are we exposing ourselves unnecessarily to chemicals that are tearing up our immune systems and body leaving us overexposed to diseases? I think we greatly underestimate our own body and what it is capable of doing when it comes to our health.

There is a time and place for medicine that we can get from our doctors. I am very thankful there are smart doctors in the world who can help figure out diseases and know how to mix chemical medicines to help us when we need it. However, for common illnesses I think we can do a much better job protecting ourselves as a first line of defense. In a lot of situations we can take care of ourselves without chemicals!

Interested in more?

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