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When Its Time For Change

I’ve been going to the same hair salon for the past 10 years. It is an Aveda salon. Since changing to their hair products many years ago I have only deviated once to try the doTERRA shampoo and conditioner, which I recently wrote about in a prior post. It was an very nice experience having my hair done here. I felt special and pampered even for just a couple hours.

At my last visit the only hairdresser I see there told me quietly she is leaving for another salon.

My heart sank, but I understood.

There have been several things I’ve noticed at the salon over the past few months that made me less than happy to be paying what I was for services in what should be the top of the line experience and setting. The special feeling of going there wasn’t so sparkly yet my debit card still showed I was paying for a lot of sparkle.

  1. For instance the cape I got at my last visit had multiple holes in it and was badly frayed and faded. For what I pay to get my hair done there I think the salon owners could invest in keeping the capes maintained and replaced when needed

  2. There have been less and less customers in the salon. I have a standing appointment every 6 weeks on a Tuesday evening. Usually the salon is busy but lately it’s been me and my hairdresser closing down the place from a 6 PM appointment

  3. The reminder texts are obnoxious. Seriously if I expressed one time in response to the first reminder that yes I confirm my appointment I don’t need 5 more texts about it in the course of 2 days before my appointment

  4. Every time I go in there there is a different chair as they make the hairdressers rotate chairs each month. It’s annoying for them to pack and move each month and a terrible flow for the regular customers who come in wanting the comforts of regular chair

  5. They didn’t have the shampoo I use on the bar and said I’d have to buy a bottle for them to use it on me. Seriously what?

  6. If this is an Aveda salon and it’s an Aveda product that was recommended I use and have done so for many years why would I need to buy my own shampoo at their salon for their hairdresser to shampoo my hair? What is this ala carte hair care now? And at what price?

  7. Most important is how they’ve treated my favorite hairdresser after almost 14 years of service

  8. She doesn’t earn commission on products I buy even though I’m asked to provide her name when I purchase them

  9. She isn’t getting a fair cut of the money from my services, less than 40% in fact of the total yet the price of service has increased

  10. With the change in open hours she no longer gets insurance options due to less hours she’s able to work

  11. She no longer gets vacation time earned

  12. Her discount on products was reduced