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Whisper to Me

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

When you think of a whisper you think of soft spoken words, secrets and intriguing messages; an unveiling of a message shared between a small group. It is interesting to watch people whisper to one another. Two young friends quietly discussing something they both enjoy talking about. Two lovers sharing endearments. Whispering is a secret language that is gentle, intimate and connecting.

Those characteristics are represented in the doTERRA Whisper oil blend. This oil is a flower super power blend honoring and supporting the feminine and allowing the whispering of who we are to be spoken in our own voice. This complex oil is unique and yet light, airy and dreamy at the same time.

When I open this particular oil, I think it smells of baby powder. I have tried this oil at different times of the year, different moments during a month and almost always this scent of baby powder floats through to me. There are times it doesn’t appeal to me at all and triggers bad memories of miscarriages, loss and infertility from my past. Other times I open the bottle and feel comforted by having it. In all the oils I’ve ever tried I have never had one strike such a spectrum of feelings and emotions like this one has.

My friends who also have tried this oil have said it reminds them of oranges, the beach or even a pretty floral perfume. It is definitely a light aroma and I can see how they could smell the beach for instance. It’s interesting how one oil blend can have so many different perceptions for how it smells only adding to the intrigue and mystic of this oil blend’s secret language.

Fitting the Pieces

Many of us blend essential oils to create our own unique scents and aromas or to expand the benefits we want to realize from using the oils. For instance, blending Lavender with Vetiver enhances rest and sleep allowing for a clearer fuller breath during sleep. Adding Patchouli to this mix supports helping the brain to stop overthinking and focus on the necessity of sleep to restore both mind and body. The oils work well together to support a restful night’s sleep and smell wonderful blended in a diffuser.

When we combine several oils together we create complex blends that provide a host of benefits and create unique aromas that amplify the benefits or create new deeper levels of support. The result is also that each of us will pick up on a different element of these complex scents and could have a different perception of what it smells like.

The doTERRA Whisper oil blend consists of (listed in order of most used to least in the oil blend):

  1. Bergamot

  2. Ylang Ylang

  3. Patchouli

  4. Vanilla Bean

  5. Jasmine

  6. Cinnamon

  7. Labdanum

  8. Vetiver

  9. Hawaiian Sandalwood

  10. Cocoa Bean

  11. Rose

My guess with why I think this oil smells of baby powder is the combination of Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Cocoa Bean. For others who say it smells of citrus is because that they are picking up the bergamot predominately. Isn’t it interesting seeing what is in this oil compared to what people smell from it?

Often what we smell is related to something our body has remembered from another experience or that it is in need of for help. The complexity of this oil provides a lot of different benefits that can be of help to us physically and emotionally.

Whisper Power

This oil blend is known to be supportive for several physical and emotional support needs.

  1. PMS

  2. Hormonal balancing

  3. Hot flashes

  4. Libido and Sex Drive

  5. Anger

  6. Self Expression

  7. Creativity

  8. Confidence

Using this oil on the skin (it is prediluted with fractionated coconut oil) or through an aromatic method can provide relief, calming, soothing and support.

Oil of Femininity

This oil should not be limited to just women as the benefits can be realized by men as well. The labeling lends you to believe it’s just for women and men may not like the lighter more feminine aroma but the benefits work equally across the genders.

This oil supports those times when our pride, rough edges and untouchable persona is limiting what we could obtain and enjoy in our connection to other people and within ourselves. When we feel our toughness from the hard knocks in life is getting in our way of having true connections, friendships and even intimate relationships this oil can help. It helps us let go of that thought we don’t need others and can go through life from hard lessons we learn on our own. There are always time in life when we feel let down by others and that loss of trust or hurt that stems from those experiences builds up our defenses over time. This oil helps the work to tear those down and start anew.

It is an oil for connection, finding peace and a kinder, gentler way to move forward in our life.

Interested in more?

The floral blend that creates the complexities of doTERRA Whisper are worth exploring and seeing for yourself what you smell and what sensations it triggers.

If you have questions about this oil or any other doTERRA oil or product please reach out! I’m happy to help.

Using doTERRA Whisper and any of their other incredible oils and products means you are using oils created from 100% pure plants grown and harvested in chemical and pesticide free environments. That attention to quality and purity ensures the safety and maximum benefits that can be realized from using these oils in your daily life. To get your Whisper simply click here:

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