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Why Buy From A Network Marketing Person?

There are some very good high quality products available through a network marketing company. Not everything will be worth the price and there will be some things that are less than fantastic to use and have in your home but in general there are some great products that are worth consideration. Everything from make-up, candles, kitchenware, intimate ware and personal items, bags, essential oils, weight management and diet care, personal care items and more can be bought through a network marketing company. And there are some excellent advantages to buying products through a network marketing distributor.

Quality and Performance

Typically, there is a lot of attention to the quality and design of the products offered by a network marketing company. This is great because these companies are actually listening to what consumers what and need and catering to that voice. It is their business to deliver to our expectations or let’s face it we could go elsewhere.

Network marketing companies spend billions each year asking what consumers want they want, how they want it and what they want it to look like. Everything from the material it’s made of, color, shape, ergonomic use, durability, quality, organics and design are considered in-depth. These companies spend billions on research, design and testing to make sure the product holds up, performs, and is something they can be proud to present to you.

The oils I sell for doTERRA are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. That means they are 100% pure and free from fillers, chemicals or synthetics. They have been tested thoroughly to deliver to that high standard of quality. doTERRA also goes the extra mile to make sure the oils come from plants grown on farms that do not use chemicals or pesticides. They process and distill the plant in chemical free processes. Best of all, they only use plants that are grown, harvested and processed where they grow most naturally – in the plant’s natural happy place. These plants do not come from hot houses or laboratories. The oils sold by doTERRA come from all over the world. They are often from farms in small rural villages where doTERRA has contracted directly with farmers and villagers who may not have other sources of income. I love that not only am I benefiting from using the oils but families are benefiting from their work to create that oil. Not mega corporations, but regular families like mine. I consider it buying local on a global scale.


Almost all network marketing companies have a guarantee on their products. This guarantee is often much better than any typical big box retailer.  If you want a guarantee that is truthful, upheld and 100% then purchase from a network marketing distributor.

Network marketing companies often truly stand behind their products to a much higher standard and they really want you to be happy with it. They actually care about your personal satisfaction and happiness.

I know the person I buy my Tupperware from has exchanged plastic ware that hasn’t held up for me like promised and it was replaced without question every single time at no cost to me. That is the number one reason I buy Tupperware and have for years. I love the design, durability and colors but most of all I love that guarantee. If something warps, discolors, melts, etc. they’ll replace it.

doTERRA’s facial care products and supplements, among other products, have a guarantee that even if you use the entire bottle and decide you don’t like it, they will refund you the entire amount of purchase without question. Where else can you buy a multi-vitamin, supplement, face wash, moisturizer or etc. use every single drop,  take it back to the store and tell them you would like your money back on that empty bottle? No where I’ve ever shopped.

Service and Support

This is the cornerstone of network marketing distributors and the companies they represent.

  1. Delivery of products straight to your door with timely shipping

  2. Guarantee of perfect condition when they arrive or they will be replaced quickly

  3. Typically very high end pretty packaging and wrapping of the items, making it special to open and enjoy immediately

  4. Butler level service – this is what I call the service I give my customers. It is personal support from someone who uses the products like you and will take care of any problems you have

  5. You don’t have to call customer service

  6. You don’t have to press 1 for English

  7. You don’t have to talk to a computer

  8. You don’t have to ask to speak to a manager

The beauty of buying through a network marketing distributor, if they are worth their salt, is you get top notch personal service. You call this 1 single person, who is not a 1-800 number or computer and get help.  You can ask this person any question or seek their help in any situation for using the product, ordering, or anything else you may need. It is truly the best service you will get anywhere…. and you didn’t have to leave your home to get it.


At first many network marketing company products can appear more expensive than picking up a comparable product in a big box retailer or discount store.  However, look at the  quality, guarantee and service and in the end it could also be the most economical and hassle-free way to get something.

You are also helping a real human when you buy through a network marketing distributor. A percentage of your purchase does go to the company but in case of doTERRA a good portion goes to the Wellness Advocate, the farmer, the village and the place where the plant was processed.  It’s as “buy local” as you can get with an all-natural product and it helps a lot of people instead of just a corporation.

doTERRA is a debt-free company. As much as they want people to live healthy lives, they also want them to live in financial freedom. They practice what they preach on this topic and pay it forward in many respects to helping others achieve physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being. I respect that a great deal and am proud to be able to use their products in my life and home and share it with others. It actually means something that I’ve not felt working in the corporate world. There is genuine appreciation, respect and uplifting of one another.

Interested in more?

If you would like to learn more about essential oils, or have questions please let me know. I’m happy to help you and if you’d like to purchase oils I can help you find the oils perfect for your interests and needs.

Thank you to all of my customers who allow me to love and support you on your oil journey.

If you would like to experience what my customers do with service, support and a great essential oil line, contact me.

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