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Why We Love Subscription Boxes

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Subscription boxes are popular way to try new things each month and enjoy expanding your creativity, closet, pantry, wine rack, decor and more. There are even subscription boxes for children filled with interesting information and activities to help them explore the world from the comforts of home. There is literally a subscription box for every interest, hobby and need imaginable. I just typed in Google the words subscription box and found pages of them!

I personally love the clothing subscription boxes where you select a few categories and preferences, enter your size and then some mysterious non-personal shopper person selects things you might like. I’m not sure where they get those things that come in this box which adds to the mystery …and fun? The good news is you can return those things you don’t like.

Convenient yes.

Fun maybe.

Specific and custom to you no.

Cost of Subscriptions

The trouble with most subscription boxes is you don’t necessarily get to choose what comes in it. The items are pre-selected based on a theme or category that you may or may not have opted into and someone else makes choices for you. It can seem what’s in the box is not you at all or that it was just one of many thousands of boxes that are all alike.

Subscription boxes can be fun as it challenges you to try new things you may not have considered before but at the same time, what if you get a box of things you absolutely hate? What if it’s food or wine and it’s gross? What if you try it and don’t like it? What if your child gets a box of items they are not interested in at all?

I know, I know that would never happen right? You never see an unhappy person that has just opened a monthly subscription box have you?

The average subscription box costs $50 per month. That may not seem like a lot but if its a box full of things that you may not like or goes unused, breaks easily or is just stuff that lays around? What do you do with it all? Somebody please call Marie Kondo!

What is Old is New Again

It’s fun to get deliveries. It’s fun to open a new box of goodies with the anticipation of what might be inside. Wouldn’t it be great if every box was just exactly what you wanted and you could use everything in it?

The idea behind a subscription box is utterly fantastic but it’s not new. There have always been subscription services available. Hello anyone get a magazine in the mail? How about those music or movie subscriptions where new tapes or CDs would come?

The difference today is the variety that is available and the growing popularity of convenience shopping. We love convenience and since we don’t necessarily browse brick and mortar stores anymore we need a fresh place to know what is popular, splurge on random things and get fun things delivered to our porch.

Living Simply with Convenient Fun

When you transform your home and life to natural living and more simply you may think it is direct contrast to the popularity of subscription boxes. In a way it is but it’s also quite a clever way to enjoy natural simplicity with modern day convenience. It also can be done in a way as to not waste your money on things you won’t use or that result in a KonMarie Method intervention.

The doTERRA Loyalty Program is a monthly subscription box setup. The difference is you get to pick what goes in the box each month. There is no robot or person who doesn’t know you sending you what they send thousands of others. You pick exactly what you want, it comes in a cute purple box to your porch.

There are some added benefits to a doTERRA Loyalty Reward box (aka subscription box) too that you don’t get with other subscription services:

  1. Rebate points to get free things you want

  2. Product of the month free items that you can choose to get or not

  3. Discounted sale items and promotions

  4. Emotional and physical health benefits

  5. No clutter

There is something to getting a subscription box every month. It can be very enjoyable, economical and worthwhile.

Interested in more?

Get a subscription box that you enjoy opening, will use and that is actually good for you, your family and your home. Try the doTERRA Loyalty Program.

If you have questions about the doTERRA Loyalty Program please reach out!

The Loyalty program is free to participate in and you can completely customize each order to fit your needs and interest. Start today with a starter kit! Click here:

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