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Winter Essential Hands

We recently made up some of these lotion bars because winter has done a serious number on drying out our skin.

lotion bars

They are very simple to make and a lot more effective than a lot of the lotions we’ve bought in the past.  (Recipe at bottom)  I like that they last awhile and contain ingredients I recognize. Additionally, I find them really handy to have around the sinks in the kitchen and baths.  I don’t have to worry about our son putting on too much or having puddles of lotion every where.

We made two batches. The first with doTERRA Wild Orange and the second with doTERRA On Guard.

Wild Orange has several benefits including being a protector against germs and is a natural energizer. It is a sweet smell that isn’t overpowering but is very refreshing and a nice reminder of warmer weather to come.

wa-wild-orange (1).jpg

OnGuard is the best anti-germ, immunity boosting essential oil blend I have ever seen.  The minute we even think illness is coming we put a drop on our feet and next day it’s gone.  I’ve also started using doTERRA’s OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner and Laundry Detergent – very, very impressive. Plus I noticed the smell lasts longer so I can claim I just cleaned the house for much longer.