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Yes Let’s Talk Dirty Laundry

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I don’t want to talk about laundry.

Laundry never goes away as a chore. I can ignore it for only so long before something is needed that is in the laundry, something smells and needs to be washed, or it piles up and is an eyesore to walk past. No, I don’t want to talk about this never ending chore.

The clothes we wear every day are our protection from our environment providing us with modesty, keeping us warm or cool and shielding us from the weather. Clothes can make us feel good, comfort us and give us confidence. Well worn or pristine, some clothes trigger memories of special days, fun times of adventures that are recalled in photos or within our closet where they hang. We have favorite clothing and not so favorite pieces. We have things that are too big, too small or just right and we have things we grab regularly for comfort, style or purpose. All of it eventually lands in the laundry.

What makes laundry interesting is seeing the little socks, sometimes matching, sometimes not. The little shirts and pants and pjs. It’s amazing how many of those little clothes can quickly fill a washer! You see recurring items that are favorites that you know they will not fit in for long. You see basics like bibs, onesies and training underwear. You see stains from fun at the playground or an afternoon painting on a rainy day. What I see when I wash my son’s clothes is the progression of growth as his little onesies have turned into favorite t-shirts that have characters and sports on them. I see the changes in little socks becoming bigger in size and more often than not missing a mate.

What we do with our clothes in the laundry impacts how they feel against our skin, what they and then us smell like and together that influences our health, spirit and mind as we wear them. If our clothes smell look, feel and smell good we are likely to also feel good. As much as I don’t enjoy doing the laundry I realize the attention to this process impacts everyone in my home, including me. That’s why while I don’t want to talk about dirty clothes it’s important to do so and check how that is going.

In the Wash

I generally still sort my clothes preferring to wash all the towels towel, jeans in another load and so on. It makes me feel organized about the laundry as well as gauge how much there is do. I also believe it helps keep things like towels softer and whiter. My husband just puts everything in together and moves on. With today’s how tech washers sorting seems less necessary but I still do it.

Whether you sort or not, the next step is the most critical. What are you putting in the washer to clean those clothes? Every you use will end up touching your skin or your family’s skin after it is washed. EVERYTHING! Imagine that blue thick detergent that makes the clothes smell good and let’s you know it being clean touching your skin. How many of you wash your hands after you get a little detergent on them when doing the laundry? If it’s safe why bother doing that?

Tide Liquid Detergent Label

Let me break this down for what went through my mind when I read this label.

  1. Do not reuse this package for dispensing other liquids, including beverages. So first living in an age when we must reduce our plastic use because our environment is choking on it this warning is troublesome.

  2. Secondly, keep out of reach of children and first aid instructions. This is supposed to be soap. This is supposed to be helpful to us. So if we must keep the product out of reach of our children how then is it safe to keep it on their clothes?

Did you know there is a slime and bubble recipe that uses Tide detergent? If it’s not safe for ingestion and could cause skin or eye irritations requiring first aid, please do not make slime and bubbles out of it!

If you’re concerned about how to reuse plastic to extend it’s life purpose and is not just be a one time use that is then tossed in landfills then why are we using products that prevent that from happening?

The biggest ingredient in detergent that is the most dangerous – most of the time – is the fragrance. Now there are some other ingredients in there that are really scary but by and large the chemical fragrance is where we see the issues with the product being terrible for us, our families, pets and environment. Yet these types of products are used every day in many homes without hesitation because it is what we have always used, it was on sale, it’s all we know exists.

Fragrance Does Not Have to be the Enemy

When it comes to laundry we want things to smell good. That’s one of the ways we know they are clean. Given how dangerous fragrance in our every day products can be then is there such a things a safe smell?

Using pure natural based scents is the best way to enjoy fragrance, even ones that remind us of what clean smells like, to eliminate the risks of chemicals. So, would you rather have your dog eating bubbles that contained a plant or one that was filled with dyes, chemicals and poison labels?

The doTERRA OnGuard Detergent contains all natural plant based ingredients that are safe and still clean your clothes while leaving behind that desired clean scent. Check out the label on this bottle compared to the Tide one above:

Each bottle of detergent contains 1 15ml bottle of doTERRA OnGuard oil. Now what’s really cool – check out the amount you need to use per load of wash.

1 Tablespoon of detergent compared to a large cap full of the other stuff! Can you imagine just 1 Tablespoon of detergent cleaning an entire load of towels or an entire load of baby wear. Not only is that pretty fantastic but we also have a much small plastic bottle that lasts just as long and is not heavy to lift and use as the other stuff.

Cost? It is comparable to the big heavy pump bottles of the other stuff. One bottle equates to 64 loads.

Interested in more?

So yes, let’s talk about dirty laundry and how to get the dirt off as well as make our clothes safe to wear. Reduce and reuse are terms we can actually act on to reducing our plastic environment implications. In addition to that we can greatly reduce our pollution of chemicals going into our water system and what we are exposed to right in our own homes.

If you have questions and are not working with anyone already on doTERRA, please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the right solutions for you and your family, including honoring your family’s budget.

My customers enjoy at least 25% off all their purchases. It’s easy and economical. Join us by simply clicking here to get started on your natural health journey.

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