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Your Non-Lab Indicators of Health

Health is usually thought of in terms of the number on the scale or what our latest blood draw shows the doctor. But what about the non-numbered health indicators like how we feel, what our skin feels like and even what our mind is focused on. Many indicators of health can be seen very early on and well before we ever step on a scale or see a needle.

You know when your arm hurts that something is wrong. It may be the kind of pain that needs urgent medical care or a casual bump on the elbow. You can however also tell longer term issues like regular pain that shows up and runs up and down your arm that could indicate inflammation or even the beginning stages of arthritis. All pain, symptoms and sensations of our body, including cravings are indicators of health. We can use them to tap into health concerns before they become large enough to warrant a doctor’s office bill.

What if you can’t read the messages from your body?

There are several reasons we cannot decode our body’s messages. In working with clients who present in this way I typically find it is the result of a high toxic load that is blocking the receptors of their body. Quite literally there are medications, every day products and toxic exposure that numbs and blocks what our body can tell us. Reducing these first then creates the ability to feel again.

While no one wants to feel discomfort or pain, understanding the root case and eliminating it prevents it from coming back and creates a healthier long term outcome.

You may not like what you feel.

We have become accustomed to thinking we can just take a pill and get rid of things that don’t feel good. That can work for awhile but when we stop understanding what that discomfort is telling us we disconnect ourselves from our health. – Amy, Dragonspit Apothecary

It may be necessary to reconnect our mind, body and heart to feel what is happening in our body before we can start to effectively heal it. It certainly does not mean we need to be in excessive pain but there could be some discomfort involved. I equate it to going on a diet and working through those first few weeks of withdrawals from the cookies and snacks that you are working hard to cut out of your regular eating habits.

Every symptom, pain, craving and sensation we feel is a message worthy of us noticing to understand our own health.

The wonderful design of our bodies also gives us other clues about our health. For example, we can look at our eyes, nails, hair, skin, reflexes, and basic urine and salvia to get clues. This can support deeper assessment into specific areas of the body to begin to piece together the string of clues. It is always connected and can be worked out.

Sometimes the symptom we are feeling as physical discomfort is emotional based.

This is where Western medicine fails us consistently. In the quest to create specialties of care, the human being has been dissected into parts that are individually treated by specialist who only work in a specific section of the human body. More often than not the individual doctors do not talk to one another either so this leaves us being treated in parts and not as a whole.

When this occurs we miss out on not only understanding how a presentation of pain is realized across the body but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of our health that are also directly impacted.

My favorite example of this is a broken arm. The doctor is great at resetting the bone, getting a cast on it and monitoring the bone’s healing process. Where treatment is not provided is in the mental aspects of what that healing process needs to also include. Our feelings and mind have an incredible influence over the body’s well-being and healing progress. In the majority of situations the feelings and mindset we have can influence the outcome we see as well. If we ignore these aspects then we are at risk for depression, anxiety, incomplete physical healing, long term limitation and even disease.

There are numerous stories where we can see the power of belief, faith and even mindset when it comes to our health. It is very relevant in the necessity of healing whether that is from a broken bone, a mental health issue or even disease.

Natural Health Indictors

I often do recommend a urine, salvia and blood panel for numbers when working with a client. Numbers are helpful and can support findings the client and I discover on our journey to identify root causes to problems they are experiencing. However, the numbers only tell one side of the story.

Assessing the eyes, skin, nails, hair, reflexes and what the person actually says about their health is where the majority of clues present. There are several methods by which I can get an idea of someone’s source of problem including, kinesiology, iridology, RBTI, magnetic response and other techniques we can triangulate cause. This is then backed up by what the person says and doesn’t say about their health.

The ability to assess someone starts with an in-depth form to collect all kinds of information the person provides. From diet, sleep habits, stress levels and movement they regularly take in their day we can see how things link together to support their lifestyle. Then with clinical reasoning and conversation about their health the client and I can arrive at some reasonable conclusions about what is going on and why they feel they way they do.

Results from a natural health consultation give us an opportunity to ask questions, find natural support methods for the problem and broaden the options for healing. We do not have to be limited to Western medicine restrictions of prescriptions and treatments that block, hinder and don’t offer long term results of improvement.

How to work with me.

To book a consultation to see if I am able to help you find root cause and decode the messages from your body, visit


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