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10 Essential Happy Facts About Essential Oils

There are a lot of things in life that can bring you joy and support happiness. Among the stress and chaos of life it is really pleasant to find simple things that can support us enjoying a moment of peace, an appreciation of life or the ability to just take a deep breath.

I am continually amazed at how much essential oils have changed our house. There are so many things these little oils have brought to our home and health that have made it possible to enjoy things a little more, even if those things are chores.

Here are 10 things that make me happy about using essential oils.

1. There are Much Less Chemical Cleaners in Our Home

We have now transformed about 80% of our home’s cleaners with natural products and cleaners we are making with essential oils.

We continue to find ways to replace traditional cleaners with natural based cleaners.

There are over 10,000 Toxic Chemicals in the average home

2. Our First Aid Kit is Natural

Our first aid kit now contains natural essential oil based support for basic cuts, wounds, burns and scrapes. All of these things can be treated with essential oil natural solutions.

Seriously CorrectX and Lavender are your 2 best friends for boo-boos.

correct x

3. Illnesses are No Longer Common

In the time we have started to use essential oils we have noticed a lot less fevers and illnesses that result in missed days at work and school.

When we feel something coming on we can quickly address it with essential oils to manage it. We also have a daily immunity support protection system using natural ingredients that lessen the exposure we have for getting ill in the first place.

4. Our Laundry Smells Good

When we switched to a natural detergent and natural drying support options to soften and dry clothes I was very concerned.

The doTERRA OnGuard detergent and use of wool dryer balls scented with essential oils have been wonderful. The scents are wonderful and our clothes are fresh, clean and do not irritate our skin.


5. My Face is Clear

I have had lifelong struggles with acne but since switching to doTERRA’s all natural essential oil cleaners and facial products, my face has never been better.  I have tried everything on the market including prescription level products but never got relief.

6. Our Vitamins and Supplements are Pure

Since switching to all natural vitamins and supplements we are spending less and getting a much better result. We feel better and are getting the results from taking a daily vitamin.

bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules

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7. We Have Real Support for Our Emotions

When we feel upset, need a boost of encouragement or comfort there are oils we can use to provide these supports.

There are even oils to help with focus, attention, frustration and any emotion or feeling you can imagine having!

A simple application or diffusion of these oils can help lift spirits, calm nerves and emotions and provide comfort.

8. It’s Fun to Make Our Own

One of the things we have realized in using essential oils, is how easy it is to make soaps, cleaners and things we use around our home. This has become a family activity we enjoy doing together.

We can be creative with aromas and scents that fit our tastes. Everyone can make their own using their favorite scents. Too often when you make a personal product purchase, for instance bath bar soaps, you have to buy a package of 3 or more bars. These bars may not be a scent you like but others in your home do. Well now everyone can have their own scent!

When you make your own products you can also make them in the bottles and containers you like and that fit your home space.

Making your own also ensures maximum safety for your family and pets!

It’s a fully customized perfect for you experience!

abstract alcohol art bar

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9. Generous Commissions

With all the positive results we have seen in using oils it was very natural for us to start sharing what was happening with others. doTERRA has a wonderful commission structure that has helped us quickly start paying ourselves for using these products and oils.

I realize direct marketing and sales may not be for you but in this day and age if you do not have at least 1 side hustle in your pocket then you are at great risk by just depending on your regular 9 to 5. With the direct marketing and sales approach you have the maximum flexibility for your schedule and complete control on how to achieve your goals. This type of work has greatly changed over time and is no longer what you may think or remember about doing it. Give it a fresh look for yourself!

10. We are Spending Less!

Of all the good benefits we have seen, the one that makes us happy a lot is the fact we are spending much less on cleaners, personal care items and vitamins and have better solutions.

It’s always nice to spare a few dollars on an expense but it is truly wonderful when  you see major changes in your budget from savings.

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Interested in more?

If you are looking to increase your happy, then you need essential oils!

Email me with questions and help getting the right oils for your needs.

Wholesale members receive 25% off all their purchases for a year and have access to additional discounts and promotional savings. Membership is just $35 the first year and $25 each year thereafter. Become a Member today at

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