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5 Oils to Stock Up On

There are some essential oils you will use more than others and then, there are oils you will use all the time. These all the time oils are surprisingly inexpensive and can be used in multiple ways to extend your dollar and value from using them.

I recommend having a back up bottle of these specific oils on hand because you will use them very regularly.


This herb is fantastic at so many things extending outside the kitchen!

  1. Cooking flavor

  2. Dietary support for weight management and loss

  3. Allergies

  4. Antioxidant

  5. Gas and Bloating

  6. Constipation

  7. Body Odor

  8. Anxiety

  9. Obsessive feelings

This is a great oil to have in your spice cabinet and in your health regime as a supplement.

For $26 wholesale it’s worth having two of these oils in your house.



Another culinary herb, fennel is also used medicinally for your health.

  1. Breast milk support

  2. Sugar cravings

  3. Menapause

  4. Cramps & spasams

  5. Fluid retention

  6. Coughs

  7. Colic

  8. Gas

  9. Nausea

  10. Cooking flavor

Keeping a bottle of Fennel in your kitchen and in your nursery items will have you prepared for all kinds of regular daily life events. At $15 a bottle wholesale it’s economical to have on hand too!



This lovely floral oil is all powerful and all useful around the house. You will find uses for it like:

  1. Treating sunburns

  2. Supporting relaxation and rest

  3. Bug bites

  4. Wound healing

  5. Allergy support

  6. Nosebleeds

  7. Colic

  8. Stress and anxiety

  9. Depression

  10. Laundry freshner

  11. Hives

Having a bottle in your home is great. Having a pre-mixed roller of lavender and fractionated coconut oil will make you a pro-mom.

Lavender from doTERRA comes as an essential oil for $21 or as a pre-mixed roller bottle for $13.75