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5 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Using Essential Oils

When you use essential oils you can achieve some wonderful things in your life that will promote natural health and well-being. With the reduction of chemicals, pesticides and toxins for instance, we can equip our bodies with natural defenses to protect against diseases and illnesses. This is possible because our bodies respond well to nature and can enhance our own ability to self-heal and strengthen our immune systems.

Using essential oils and natural health products does not mean you forego convenience or increase expense either. It simply means you are opting for basic ingredients, whole elements and using nature in partnership with your life versus products that are derived from a laboratory or chemical plant.

There are things however an essential oil cannot do for you and you should never do when you are using essential oils.

Never Settle for Inferior

Regardless of your reason for using essential oils, the quality of your oil matters. Even if you do nothing with your oils beyond think they smell nice in your home, the quality of the oil you use still matters.

Impure, altered or inferior quality oils can harm you. Sure they may be wallet friendly but if you don’t recognize the ingredients or can access the testing standards of the manufacturer than you are not going to realize the benefits of using that oil. Replacing one chemical product with another through a poor quality or altered essential oil accomplishes nothing.

Invest in good oils with a company that can show you their testing standards for quality and purity.   We use doTERRA in our home for this reason.

I recently confiscated a peppermint oil my mother-in-law had purchased at a dollar store and gave her a doTERRA peppermint oil instead. The oil she purchased was impure because it listed ingredients that could not be pronounced and it said the oil should not be ingested. Peppermint is on the best products to use for digestion so that should be clue number 1 this was a questionable oil.

You are wasting your money if the oils you purchase are not of a good quality and can be used as essential oils should be used.