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5 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Using Essential Oils

When you use essential oils you can achieve some wonderful things in your life that will promote natural health and well-being. With the reduction of chemicals, pesticides and toxins for instance, we can equip our bodies with natural defenses to protect against diseases and illnesses. This is possible because our bodies respond well to nature and can enhance our own ability to self-heal and strengthen our immune systems.

Using essential oils and natural health products does not mean you forego convenience or increase expense either. It simply means you are opting for basic ingredients, whole elements and using nature in partnership with your life versus products that are derived from a laboratory or chemical plant.

There are things however an essential oil cannot do for you and you should never do when you are using essential oils.

Never Settle for Inferior

Regardless of your reason for using essential oils, the quality of your oil matters. Even if you do nothing with your oils beyond think they smell nice in your home, the quality of the oil you use still matters.

Impure, altered or inferior quality oils can harm you. Sure they may be wallet friendly but if you don’t recognize the ingredients or can access the testing standards of the manufacturer than you are not going to realize the benefits of using that oil. Replacing one chemical product with another through a poor quality or altered essential oil accomplishes nothing.

Invest in good oils with a company that can show you their testing standards for quality and purity.   We use doTERRA in our home for this reason.

I recently confiscated a peppermint oil my mother-in-law had purchased at a dollar store and gave her a doTERRA peppermint oil instead. The oil she purchased was impure because it listed ingredients that could not be pronounced and it said the oil should not be ingested. Peppermint is on the best products to use for digestion so that should be clue number 1 this was a questionable oil.

You are wasting your money if the oils you purchase are not of a good quality and can be used as essential oils should be used.


Never Overdo It

A pure essential oil of good quality doesn’t require a bunch when you use it. A drop goes a long way. Over doing it with oils can result in skin irritations and other implications that are less than pleasant.

1 drop of doTERRA peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of Peppermint Tea.

1 drop peppermint

Too often new users will open up a new box of oils, plug in their diffuser and start dumping them in. This can be overpowering very quickly resulting in a poor experience with essential oils.

Always start small. We each respond to oils differently and it can take time to realize how we respond to them. A drop or even a 1/2 drop is often all you need to realize the benefits of using essential oils.

Don’t Ignore the Labels

Another reason I love doTERRA is that their bottles are clearly labeled for what can be used internally and what cannot. This makes it easy to ensure you are safely and correctly using your oils.

When you take an oil internally, you can do so by placing a drop under your tongue, using a capsule or placing it in food or drinks.

Internal use can be for both physical and behavioral support needs. However, essential oils used in this method should be treated like medicine. Pay attention to how you feel and don’t overdue the amount you are using.

When using oils in foods or drinks, always remove the food from the heat source first before adding in essential oils.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

Essential oils are natural elements you find in nature. They are plants, trees, roots, leaves and so on. The majority of essential oils are steam distilled to create the oil.

Oils should be stored upright with the caps tightly on in a cool, dry place.

The bottles are typically brown or dark colored to protect them from light exposure that can cause separation and breakdown of the oils. Keeping your oils from direct sunlight will also help.

You should not freeze or refrigerate oils.


Don’t Become Frustrated

Essential oils work fast and are potent but they won’t necessarily reap immediate results. This is because oils don’t do the work for your body. They instead teach your body to strengthen and protect itself with their support. This is different than medication where the medicine takes over performing a function of our body in many cases.

As a new oil user it can take time to remove the chemicals and toxins in your life in order to realize the benefits the essential oil is providing you. You won’t always see progress and may think it is not working.

Give yourself time to adapt, detox and for your body to start functioning free of the things that were blocking it’s functions.


Interested in more?

When we start using oils it can be easily overdone or seen as not working. Taking measured progress won’t always be readily apparent but if you allow yourself time to adjust you can see how much our bodies crave nature.

For help in finding the oils perfect for your needs and interest or if you have questions, please reach out!

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