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There are somethings that just go together… like peas and carrots and chocolate and wine.

When it comes to essential oils you can also make some fantastic pairings that enhance the oils benefits in delivering goodness for your health.

Lavender and Breathe

Lavender and Breathe are the BFFs of sleep. These simple oils deliver big impact to help us relax, feel calm and support sleep.

Lavender can also be replaced with her big sister blend doTERRA Serenity. Serenity contains Lavender as well as Cedarwood, Ho wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver and Hawaiian Sandalwood.  These are all incredible oils to support rest!

Breathe is also a special doTERRA blend that can be used for peaceful sleep. When we lie down some of us may have problems with snoring or not getting enough air. Breathe helps open our passages to allow free flowing of air so you are not interrupted in your sleep. Breathe is also used for allergies, sinus issues, asthma and coughs. This wonderful respiratory oil blend contains Laurel, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara and Cardamon.

Applying Lavender (or Serenity) and Breathe to the bottom of your feet, along your spine and diffusing it in your bedroom are ways these oils can help you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.


Peppermint and Wild Orange

These two oils make up the best diffuser blend ever!

The crispness of Peppermint pairs well with the uplifting smell of Wild Orange to create a spa like aroma.

Diffusing these oils together supports attention and focus while also not making it feel overwhelming and stressful. We feel confident and open to receive.

Applying Peppermint and Wild Orange to your hands to breathe in or using in a diffuser is great for helping children with homework as well as creating a relaxing fun setting for guests.

This pair are so much more healthier and pleasant than any plug in air freshener you will ever try.

wa-peppermint (1)

Cedarwood and Grapefruit

If you need to destress and take your mind off things, then this is pair to help you. Both of these oils are perfect for supporting overused nerves, anxiety, depression, stress and periods when we are really just feeling emotionally drained.

The scent from diffusing these oils is calming, supportive and like a big secure hug.

wa-grapefruit (1)

Interested in more?

Introduce these oils into your home and experience health! Throw out those chemical filled air fresheners and plug ins and opt for pure natural aromas that benefit your health and home.

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