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A Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse to Support Your Goals

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

A cleanse is a very popular way to kick start a diet or health change. Cleanses can be effective at helping you achieve success in your diet but often we just see them as physical body experiences forgetting our emotions and spirit also need support during these types of changes.

Depending on the cleanse we use, some are actually pretty harsh on your body and have the opposite effect we are seeking. Some cleanses actually strip away essential nutrients your body needs leaving your feeling starved, tired and with an upset digestive system. You can also experience emotions like anger, frustration and worry that can detract from the cleanse’s experience and intended purpose.

Feeling miserable can be demotivating when trying to keep a new a health or diet goal. When we don’t feel well we are are not likely to eat or move the way we want so this can lead to giving up before you even get started.


If you’re going to cleanse then use a method that encompasses your body, mind and spirit so you are aligned and strengthened from the experience.

Why Cleanse

Cleansing helps our body, emotions and spirit reset. Many of us think a cleanse is just for your physical body but that simply is not true. An effective cleanse touches all areas of our being so we are recharged and able to focus on what is ahead.

Native American sweat lodges are a form of a cleanse and a great example of how a cleanse reaches all aspects of your being. Not only does your body physically sweat to eliminate toxins but your emotions and spirit also “sweat” in this experience. You work through tough emotions and complex problems in this setting that can allow you to let go and find a new way forward.

Afterwards we feel prepared to receive new nutrients, information and messages that are positive to us. Cleanses help us align our body to our health goal intentions and align our mind-body-spirit.

To cleanse means to remove acids, toxins and build up from the body that could be slowing our metabolism, adding to why we constantly feel tired or stressed and are not able to achieve progress in our weight loss goals. Our emotions and spirits can become bogged down by these toxins as well making our thoughts make us feel defeated and unworthy of being strong enough to take action.

How to Have Body, Mind & Spirit Cleanse

Before you go building a sweat lodge in your backyard and looking for peyote there is actually a very comfortable and effective way to achieve similar results.


Duration and Timing

Most cleanses last between 10 to 14 days. You can modify the duration to fit your specific body’s needs and results desired. In most cases it is not advised to be under 10 days and longer than 21 before ending the cleanse.

Shortening the cleanse to under 10 days may limit the benefits you see and extending it beyond 14 days may reduce the benefits and impact your health.

It’s highly recommended to start a cleanse on a weekend when your schedule can be flexible and you have more time to start off strong. Starting a diet or cleanse on a Monday can easily become challenging if you encounter stress or are in situations where you cannot access the food, quiet and rest you need during this time. Whereas if you start on a Friday or Saturday you can give yourself a couple days to get started and feel better prepared for incorporating this into your normal Monday-Friday routine.

If you are under a doctor’s care, please alert them about your plans to do a cleanse and use natural products. This should be included in your care plan with open dialogue about what may be able to compliment and/or replace your current care and medication needs.

Physical Components

To successfully cleanse your body you need to introduce items that will help your body initiate elimination through digestion and sweat. You should not feel uncomfortable or hungry during this part of the process.

There are a couple wonderful kits already setup from doTERRA with all you need to have a successful physical body cleanse.

For those new to doTERRA, a wholesale membership means you save at least 25% off all your purchases for an entire year. You can select the doTERRA Cleanse & Restore kit at the time of your account setup and have the first year of your membership free which adds significant savings for you. This makes it convenient and economical for new customers to start their cleanse with all natural products and have ongoing access for incorporating other natural products into your life after your cleanse.

cleanse and restore kit

For existing wholesale customers, you would need the same products but there are ways to save money on getting these supplies for you too. Simply order the Daily Habits Kit (sku 60204961) plus a bottle of GX Assist (sku 35040001), Zendocrine Softgels (SKU 34280001) and DDR Prime (SKU 34410001) on your monthly order.

Juices and foods to support you during your cleanse

It is still important to eat and make sure your body is receiving the nutrients it needs as you go through the cleanse. Eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits and organic proteins are necessary to support the energy being used to detox.

Using a juice detox drink during your cleanse can support your ability to choose healthier food options during this time. These are filling and healthy to compliment the cleanse physical components. You can replace a meal with one of these drinks but you should not skip a meal if you are hungry.

The 25 Best doTERRA Drink Recipes Including Smoothies

Mind, Emotion & Spirit Components

You will need a space where you can be quiet and away from distraction for both the mind, emotion and spirit components of your cleanse. Pick a place that is happy for you and that you feel content being. This can somewhere outside in nature or in the comfort of your home.

You will also need a notebook and pen to take notes about your dreams, experiences, thoughts and ideas that come up through this process so you can start to connect them into a intention you will carry forward.

Essential oils will also be needed to help support our mind and spirit’s work in this cleanse. Oils that work well in this area include:

wa-frankincense (1)

The physical component products described in the prior section contain many of the oils used in this part of the cleanse but during a cleanse you well see benefit from using the oils in addition to the products that contain the oils. Also once you complete your cleanse many find continuing use of these oils as part of their daily habit is helpful.

The Cleanse Process Days 1 – 10

Component Application

Take the recommended dosage of Life Long Vitality, DDR Prime, TerraZyme, Zendocrine and GX Assist.

NOTE: We will not take the PB Assist+ for the first 10 days of this cleanse. This product will be part of our ongoing support post cleanse.

Use 1 -2 drops of lemon essential oils in your drinking water throughout the day. You can also use this in tea or other beverages of your choosing however it is recommended you try to stay away from carbonated sodas and drinks with sweeteners and artificial flavoring at this time.

Apply 1 drop Frankincense and 1 drop Copaiba to the bottom of your tongue 1 time per day

Apply 1 drop Balance to the bottom of your feet 1 time per day

Apply 1 drop Serenity to the bottom of your feet 1 time per day (nighttime recommended)

Choose whole foods that you enjoy and that are free of processed ingredients, artificial coloring and flavorings. Experiment with new dishes that remind you of fresh foods you enjoy. Don’t worry if you have a “bad eating day” during this process, simply pick up anew at your next meal and focus on why you are doing this cleanse and what your body is receiving in this process.

Self-Reflection and Support Process

At intervals of your choosing and convenience, though daily is recommended, sit quietly in the place you have identified. Practice reflection and meditation for 15 minutes minimally. It may take you time to build up to 15 minutes per day if you are new to this process. If this is challenging for you, start with 1 minute and build up as you are ready. It may also be helpful to play calming music with no singing or minimal words spoken.

During the times you are reflecting and meditating the intent is to listen to your body, mind and emotions. What are you thinking? How do you feel? What do you need or want? What is your purpose in this cleanse? What inspiration or creative ideas come to you? Write these thoughts down and listen for recurring themes.

If you find you are wandering to problems in your day, to-do lists or responsibilities, acknowledge these, write them down if you need but then move on. This is your time to be you and be with yourself free of distraction. Let these other things float away and know they will still be there after you complete this short time to yourself.

You may find using Breathe essential oil supportive for opening your breath and being able to relax during this time. Simply take 1 drop in your palms, rub them together and then hold them close to your nose without touching your face. Rub remaining oil on your chest and feet bottoms.


After a cleanse is complete we should feel less inflamed, bloated and weighed down physically. Emotionally, we should feel clearer in our minds and stronger with increased courage and self-confidence to focus further on our goals.

We may notice our skin and hair feel better and we are not retaining water. We may also notice we are able to take deeper breaths and don’t feel as stressed or burdened.

Our senses are more heightened as well. We may notice we smell things we hadn’t noticed before or that we are more aware of our surroundings.

Cleansing Frequency

There are no hard and fast rules about how frequent you should cleanse as it is more driven by what you specifically need and are working on.

It is recommended at least annually a cleanse can be healthy for us but you may find you need to go through this process more frequently if you are undergoing a very stressful situation in your life, are having a hard time starting a new health or diet regimen or your body is telling you this would help.

Ongoing Maintenance

Now that you have reset your body, mind and spirit you can continue this work by replacing the GX Assist supplement with the PB Assist+ product. This change allows your body to start using the benefits of the PB Assist+ more effectively to help process foods and support your healthier choices.

Continue taking the Terrazyme and Life Long Vitality supplements.

It is optional depending on your body’s need if you choose to continue with the DDR Prime and Zendocrine. Both are wonderful at supporting your celluar health and offering a gentle detox support at a maintenance level. If however, you don’t believe you need these for now, you can reintroduce them later as needed.

You can also continue use of the essential oils daily or as you find you need the support they provide. I personally take the Copaiba and Frankincense under my tongue daily and I put OnGuard and Balance on my feet bottoms every day. I also enjoy using Serenity with Breathe in a diffuser on my bed stand at night.

Interested in more?

If your new year resolutions included a focus on health and diet than I recommend starting with a natural healthy cleanse that will support you through this process. If you have questions please reach out to me! I’m happy to help you find the natural products to support your interests and needs.

Get an account today and receive at least 25% off the Cleanse & Detox kit with doTERRA and receive their first year membership free. Get an account today!

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