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A Clean House with Pets

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We have 2 golden retrievers as of this past November. Magnolia’s Ramblin’ Rose (Rosa) is our 9 year old golden who loves to swim every day. She is my faithful buddy who works with me in my home office every day and follows me every where. Little Daisy Mayfield is our newest edition. She our son’s blooming best friend and an adorable puppy who is growing much, much too fast.

While I love these two very dearly and they are constantly bringing me joy with their antics, playfulness and companionship they shed… A LOT. We constantly have pet hair on our wood floors in the kitchen, on the carpeting and just everywhere. Add in Rosa’s daily swim wetness and probably soon Daisy’s too and you can imagine the battle I face having my house be under control on a daily basis.

I have to regularly, as in almost every day wipe our wood floors in the kitchen to get the newest batch of hair and paw prints. Our kitchen is also a busy place with pretty constant foot traffic so it’s just not the dogs bringing stuff in.

Our dogs though are one of the reasons I swapped our cleaners to more natural options. They walk everywhere and pick up whatever is on the floors to the bottom of their feet. More and more I realized the floor cleaners in particular could be a risk to their health. There’s also the occasional toilet bowl drinking, counter top surfing and dryer sock stealing that they think is fun as dogs.

Quick Floor Cleaning

I love the convenience of Swifter mops and sweeps. So easy and gets the floor picked up in a hurry. The dry cloths are fantastic for those days when I don’t have time to get a full clean done on the floors but need to keep up with the traffic and fur.

The problem with Swifter floor cleaning cloths, wet or dry, is the fragrances used on the cloths. This makes them toxic to use for bare feet and paws. It only takes 26 seconds for a chemical to enter your bloodstream through your feet bottoms. 26 seconds!

Now think about a spilled juice box or crumbs from the table being lapped up by the dog’s tongue on the floor! Not only are their paws at risk but their tongue as well.

There is a super easy swap for the Swifter cleaning cloths and it’s actually really inexpensive too. Instead of the cloth use a wash cloth or microfiber cloth to the Swifter pad. It allows you to still have the convenience of the Swifter but without the toxic wipe on the end of it. Plus it’s washable when you’re done so you’re not just tossing it in the garbage.

For convenient wet cleaning that I use to get with the Swifter wet cloths, I use the same method but wet the cloth with doTERRA OnGuard Concentrate cleaner and water. Wring it to a damp wet, attach and wipe away.

Honestly, it’s just as a fast and much less expensive!

Carpeting and Upholstery

If you ever visit then just know we have dogs and that means they emit fur love every where they go and to everyone they meet. They love meeting new people too and will act like their family doesn’t even exist as they cuddle close to your leg in search of ear rubs and head pads. They’re shameless!

I have taken to keeping a lint roller in our vehicles because without fail we will be all ready to leave and notice, when we are in the car, there is hair on our clothes. It is life with a pet after all.

For the house carpeting and upholstery the best thing I ever found they sadly don’t make it anymore. It was a roller thing that trapped the hair inside this container and once filled you tossed it. It worked very well on furniture and was so easy.

I would go through lint rollers by the dozen if I attempted to use them on the furniture every week so I’ve had to resort to other means. Vacuuming works but is cumbersome and I can’t keep up with it every day.

What I came up with though actually is a longer term support for the pet hair and dander. I put a diffuser in our living room and add Melaleuca to it every day. I also add Melaleuca to our home’s air filters when those get replaced each month (simply add 5-6 drops to the new filter before loading in the vent).

Why Melaleuca Works with Pet Hair and Dander

Melaleuca is a natural cleaning essential oil. As it drifts through the air’s home through a diffuser or the air system it collects the allergens, dander and pet hair. It purifies the air and helps settle those elements that make us sneeze or result in hair being every where.

It is a natural purification and while it doesn’t prevent hair being everywhere it does control it so the dander from the air doesn’t trigger allergies or doggie smells. This buys me time in between vacuuming.

Interested in more?

It would be easier without pets to keep a clean house but I would truly not know what to do without them. They are a joy despite the hair and antics. I honestly don’t think I could work or write without Rosa by my side either.

Thankfully Melaleuca is an inexpensive essential oil that allows Rosa, Daisy and our family to happily co-exist and not be ruled by ever emitting love of dog fur.

If you have questions about this oil or the methods I recommend in this post please reach out. I’m happy to help.

I only use doTERRA essential oils in my home because I can trust their purity and safety for my family and pets. If you have questions or would like to try this oil please let me know. You can learn more from my website:

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