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All The Proof YOU Need on Why doTERRA is Actually Better Than Young Living

This post has been on my mind for a long time and I’m finally finding the words to put it together in a way that hopefully won’t offend too many.

In my own essential oil health journey I’ve done a lot of research and experimentation here at home to support the areas of my life I wanted to focus on, like transitioning to natural cleaners and focusing on specific areas of my health.  A lot of those stories I share in this blog to help you in your own natural health journey.  When I started out on my journey, I wanted to see for myself what would work best and was open to possibilities for what the results could look like. doTERRA’s products and oils have worked time and again in almost everything I have transitioned as well as had a positive financial outcome in our family budget. I now know why I’ve seen the results I have and will share with you via this post.

doTERRA’s essential oils have many incredible qualities from the actual oil itself to the channel it takes from the ground to your home. Each oil has a beautiful story of how it positively impacts many lives and supports our health. I personally love the company that shows you the lives impacted and jobs created as a result of an oil over their sales growth charts. This is a company that I believe truly and sincerely cares for the world we live in and everyone in it. They absolutely do seem to care more about people over profit and I feel that when I open one of their oils.

Despite all these incredible facts, there are still some, you know who you are, that think it’s ok to use other essential oil brands. I’ve heard it all from doTERRA being too expensive to thinking some other brand is just better. From what I have learned and experienced with doTERRA and seen what has happened with other brands, it makes me concerned for people who use oils other than doTERRA.

So, today I’m going to debunk the top things people have told me when I learn they use Young Living over doTERRA and give you the hard facts about why you are not seeing results from using YL oils.

Debunked Myth #1: doTERRA is More Expensive

The truth is you do get what you pay for and essential oils is not an exception.

YES, you can purchase less expensive oils but I caution you to consider what is in that bottle of oil you get from somewhere else. If you’re comfortable not knowing where it came from, how it was distilled, how and if it was quality tested or even what is in it then by all means enjoy your less expensive oil.

More than 80% of the essential oils on the market today are fake, impure, adulterated or contaminated. I am sorry to tell you this too, but the $5 gallon jug of “essential oil” you find at most big box retailers is not an authentic essential oil. You might as well just resume purchasing traditional cleaners and air fresheners that you can buy at the grocery store.

When it comes to Young Living and doTERRA,  I have heard YL is less than doTERRA but just as good.  For me, quality trumps cost when it comes to essential oils and I obviously want the best I can afford but I do have a budget to live within as well.  Quality and purity are not something I’m willing sacrifice to save a couple bucks so this isn’t even something I would consider a factor with YL.

This idea YL is less expensive than doTERRA has actually prevented some people from enrolling with a wholesale membership with me to get doTERRA so I finally checked it out myself. Was the difference on price a couple bucks or was it really doTERRA was way out of the park compared to YL?

I pulled both companies product guides and compared side-by-side all of the oils both of these companies currently offer and cost of the oils at retail and wholesale pricing.

Ready to be shocked?

In the majority of cases, and I went through the entire product guide of both companies, Young Living was more expensive on both retail and wholesale prices than doTERRA.  I counted less than a handful of times where doTERRA was actually higher on either retail or wholesale prices.

The majority of the time YL oils were over $5 more than doTERRA oils.

yl price compare

Don’t take my word for it though – you can see it for yourself.

Here is the link to the Young Living Product Guide  I used:

And here is the link to the doTERRA Product Guide I used:

I have printed out the picture above to show people the next time I hear YL is less than doTERRA.

Debunked Myth #2: YL Works Better Than doTERRA

YL has a shady past and has been proven guilty of cutting corners for corporate gains in the past.  See the post I wrote on this topic previously here:

That tells me the company is less concerned with quality over profit but that is my humble opinion. As consumers we constantly hear of companies that have major recalls or are sued for major injuries, illnesses, diseases and even death for cutting corners on safety and quality. Why then would you expose yourself intentionally to a company known to have done these types of things in their operations?

With a thorough read of the YL product guide and corporate website, you can see for yourself there are gaps in the quality and therefore benefit someone would realize from using a YL oil.

In the product guide and on the YL website, the company says it routinely tests their quality. This is done by random sampling. There is not however any information about what testing they perform or if it is all done internally or by an independent lab. The test results are also not made public. So do you just trust that they test their products and they are ok?

This is concerning to me as a consumer because how do you know that oil you have was actually quality tested? How do you know it is not contaminated, watered down or is even pure?

doTERRA publishes all of their test results that are done internally and by an independent third party lab, APRC.  EVERY SINGLE Bottle is tested and you can see the results by logging the lot number from the bottom of the bottle onto the website

The bottom line is, you are not realizing benefits from an essential oil that is adulterated, contaminated, watered down or changed from the base of the essential oil. It is not possible and if anything you are putting your health at risk. Simply put, the benefits I see from using doTERRA cannot be realized if I were to use the same oil from YL.

Debunked Myth #3 It Doesn’t Matter Where the Plant Came From

YL uses corporate farms they own or partner with to grow the plants used in their oils. Most of these farms are located in the US which saves on processing time and cost. Corporate farms are focused on volume of produce that reap profit for the use of the land and often result in practices to expedite or control growing conditions.

This practice of corporate farming, is one of the fundamental issues with our current food system in the US with the use of chemicals to boost plant and animal production for food consumption. It introduces chemicals into our diets that is resulting in diseases and illnesses. If you are focusing on eliminating chemicals from your life through the use of essential oils, then why would you use an oil that is possibly and most probably exposed to chemicals and pesticides?

doTERRA uses individual family farmers around the globe where plants are known to grow native and in ground that can be demonstrated to be free of pesticides and chemicals. In fact, no essential oil from doTERRA comes from a place that has used chemicals or pesticides in the ground for at least the last 10 years. The ground is tested before, during and after harvest to ensure it is free from chemicals, pesticides and anything that should not be there.

Do you honestly still think it doesn’t matter where your essential oil came from?

Debunked Myth #4 YL Quality is the Same as doTERRA

A blind investigation was performed by Roseman University earlier this year and was unknown to both YL and doTERRA. In this research, someone at Roseman posed as a secret shopper and purchased oils from both companies at retail prices and then performed a series of tests on each to test if these oils actually did anything. Meaning did they respond, activate, or change cells or were they just absorbed and eliminated with no value or benefit being realized?

The tests and conditions performed were the same on all the oils tested.  The oils were tested on untreated liver cells for a period of 24 hours. Untreated liver cells means the cells were not altered with medications or stimulants that would influence how they would behave when exposed to the essential oils.

Green Mandarin Blind Test

After 24 hours the green mandarin oil from doTERRA showed it upregulated STAT-3. This means it responded to the liver cells and was generating activity in them. The oil enhanced the activity of the cells to optimize it’s performance.

When performed on the competitor oil, there was not only no change. The oil did nothing.

The scientist performing this study thought perhaps this was a misread and isolated the limonene in the green mandarin oil.  Limonene is the active ingredient that will show if the oil is pure and to what level. However, this test too showed just the doTERRA oil had any active response.

The conclusion:

The competitor’s green mandarin had been spiked with limonene and was not a pure essential oil. It provided no benefit to the liver cells at all.

Tumeric Blind Test

Interestingly enough, the same results were seen with doTERRA and the competitor’s tumeric essential oils.

Pink Pepper Blind Test

The tests were also performed on pink pepper oils and no surprise at this point, but yet again doTERRA’s oil was the only one that worked on the liver cells.

Test Summary

The chart below summarizes the tests on these 3 oils. You can see doTERRA’s oils were the only ones that showed any active response to supporting the liver cells in this study.

I’m not calling anyone out, but from this chart, those other oils were nothing but a waste of money and did nothing like what they claim. This molecular fingerprinting of essential oils done through these tests makes it incredibly difficult to hide oils that are not true essential oils that hold any benefit to your health and well-being.

Interested in more?

When it comes to natural health and using essential oils to support your health, that lack of accurate information is not only costly but could be risky to your health. Can you honestly trust what you are using is working and are you honestly seeing results?

If not then let’s talk. I want to hear what you are focused on and let’s work together to find the right natural products for you.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right oils for your needs.

Get an account today and save at least 25% off all their purchases and get the best oils on the planet.

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