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Are You an Oil Slinger?

Do any of these questions apply to you?

  1. Do you find yourself carrying around essential oils in your purse and giving them to people you just met when you hear them talk about something bothering them?

oil purse
  1. Do you often talk about doTERRA and what oil could help someone who is talking about a problem or concern they are having?

  1. Do you frequently get comments you smell nice from the oils you applied instead of perfume?

smell nice
  1. Do you find yourself hugging complete strangers when you find out they too use doTERRA?

  1. Do you get excited the first of every month to find out what the free product of the month is going to be?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you …yes you may be an Oil Slinger. 

who me

(CUE Old Timey Western Movie Music)

What is an Oil Slinger?

An Oil Slinger is otherwise known as an Oil Lover, Natural Health User, doTERRA Wholesale Customer or a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Once people try doTERRA’s natural health products and essential oils it becomes addictive and people cannot help but talk about them.

We love finding others who already know how well these oils and products work and feel like we have found long lost friends.

We love finding people who would benefit from a drop and see their faces light up when that headache disappears or that cough stops quickly.

When you start using doTERRA essential oils and natural products and seeing a difference in your own life, you realize just how many people could benefit just like you!  It becomes hard not to talk about doTERRA every where you go!


What’s the Cure?

I don’t know if someone needs to be cured from this Oil Slinger status. It’s actually a very fun way to live healthy and have confidence you are protecting yourself and your family from harmful toxins and chemicals.

When you choose to take control of your health and home using natural products from doTERRA you are choosing to control your life, your health and your money.

doTERRA’s products are 100% natural and sourced globally with local rural farmers and communities. Every purchase is a beautiful family-helping-family cycle. We directly help those who curate and grow the plants for these oils.

We also help the planet through this process by purchasing products that have been grown in their natural habitat free from pesticides and chemicals. These are not plants grown in hot houses or other strange unnatural environments. Instead doTERRA sources from natural environments where the ground and water have been uncontaminated from chemicals and pesticides for at least 10 years!

As far as controlling money with doTERRA, there is significant savings that can be realized from not only changing to natural solutions but purchasing quality products and oils. When you do this, you use less, much, much less than you were with other products and you experience a higher level of quality results.

So, if there was something out there that helped families globally, protected the environment, supported your health and well-being AND saved you money – why would you want to be cured?

Show Me The OIL!

If you are not yet an Oil Slinger, what are you waiting for?  Seriously.


Stop missing out on feeling better, sleeping better, and being all stressed!

It’s ok to become hooked on oils. Actually it’s more than ok, it’s really good for you!

Interested in more?

It is as simple as this:

  1. Become a Wholesale Member for just $35

  2. Receive 25% off your purchases with your membership that renews annually for $25

  3. Open bottle of oil, or several you choose – it’ll be alright

  4. Diffuse, apply, and breathe deep – repeat as necessary

Welcome to the world of oils where the living is easy …and healthy!

Email me with questions or help finding the oils perfect for your needs.

Become a member today at:

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