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Bottling the Energy of a Child

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I cannot imagine anything more joyful than seeing my son play. Now that I work from home full time I am often treated to afternoons of seeing him run in our cul-de-sac chasing his puppy, riding his bike or playing with neighborhood friends. Sometimes he has both shoes on, sometimes just one or none and cares none the less. The sound of their giggles, squeals and yells are a welcome break from my conference calls and meetings.

The energy, creativity and imagination of a child are unlike anything else we will encounter. They wake each morning full of spirit waiting for the next adventure the day will bring. Watching their eyes lighten up at the thought of some crazy new idea to try or drawing to make is a privilege to get to see.

I’ve heard people say they wish they could bottle the energy of a child or that it should be spread out between childhood and the rest of your life. It can seem children have endless energy but if you look closer what they have is something we all have had – – and can have again.

Imagination Makes the World Go Round

When we become adults we often lose our imagination to more serious matters like bills, jobs and routines. Well I won’t say lose as much as we contain it to seem more appropriate and mature. Who knows what your neighbors would say if they saw you running around with a towel cape in the backyard and you didn’t have any children right?

The more restrained we feel by expectations and obligations the less imaginative we become. We let go of our creative spirit to fit in or make it work for our career. We focus on careers rather than true creative outlets. Each of us had something we really enjoyed doing as a child and we probably no longer do that today. Coloring, drawing, running, jumping, reading (for fun), acting, swimming, singing and much more were so easy for us to pick up and do at one time. We didn’t need a schedule to do it most of the time and just sang it out as the feeling struck us. Yet now if it doesn’t fit into our 8 to 5 we don’t find ways to include in other areas of our life.

Without imaginative play we can lose our sense of identity and our interest in hobbies and things that make us feel true to ourselves. This in turn can hurt our emotional health by leading to things like depression, anxiety, stress management issues and more. All of that in turn can lead to impacts to our physical health. We become less motivated to try new things. We don’t seek to be more active and are “comfortable” just watching others.

Reclaim your creativity and find meaningful ways to let your spirit soar through imaginative play. If you’re embarrassed or worried about what others think find groups where there are other adults doing the same crazy activity you like or volunteer at a children’s program. When we feel inspired through imagination and creativity we feel more alive and in turn are more motivated to be active. That helps our physical and emotional health tremendously.

These oils are great champions for freeing your imagination from its stuffy adult cage:

Lemon – gives us detoxifying focus to support creative thoughts and actions

Clary Sage – expands your vision to let creativity flow and remove blocks

Patchouli – aligns our dreams with our reality so we can see them physically manifest

How to Make the Energy

The more creative outlets we have the more inspired we live every day. Our obligations and responsibilities are no longer the primary drivers in most of our days as we are fully focused on getting to that which moves us.

The trick is finding a creative and imaginative thing we love that is also active and challenges us to be physically and mentally involved in it. That activity will improve our mental outlook, enable us to include meaningful exercise in our life and influence our diet, sleep and all the other aches and pains of being an adult. That is the secret to bottling the energy of a child.

For some that could mean joining an adult softball league, volunteering at a children’s T-ball program or some other physical sport. It could be learning something entirely new like tennis or golf. Or it could mean just spending time walking your dog in appreciation of your humble companion who is just so happy to be outside with you.

Be open to finding what that could be for you. It will require you to let go of what you are afraid of, including possibly meeting new people and enjoying the spirit of your inner child.

These oils help with about ability to try and go out there for what it is we want and to grant ourselves permission to play.

Cassia -is the oil of bravery by encouraging you to get out there and not care what others may think

Spearmint – frees you of inhibitions and gives you boldness to try.

Ylang Ylang – gives you the excitement of a new adventure and the butterfly feeling of being free

Interested in more?

When you are honoring your inner need for imagination, creativity and play you are building on the energy and enthusiasm that you once had as a child. We feel free to experiment in trying new things and doing things we once loved with renewed interest. Finding those acts of childhood fun can lead to improved emotional and physical health.

If you have questions bout any of the oils I describe in this post, please reach out! I’m happy to help with any quesitons.

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