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Brazilian Expansion

Some of my readers are in Brazil and boy do I have big news just for you!!!

doTERRA has finally been able to open the door for you to enjoy the oils and products from the number 1 global leader!

fam ess kit

This is true!

You may now enroll with me as a new wholesale customer and have these incredible oils and natural products come straight to you.

I am so excited for you to have this opportunity to see what the buzz is all about for yourself. There is no greater gift than the health of you and your family and now you can realize that with pure certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

June is a great month to look at replacing chemical based cleaners and health products with all natural based products and oils. You’ll see a difference everywhere – including your wallet!  June has many incredible specials available and lots of training and support to get you started. (NOTE: Sale products and free oil of the month can vary depending on country)

doTERRA is available already in many countries and continues to expand just like it is doing in Brazil. It truly is their mission to deliver natural options for health care worldwide that are affordable, meaningful and effective.

If you are interested in essential oils and live outside the U.S. reach out to me! I’m happy to help you find the oils perfect for your needs.  The ocean is no barrier to the joy I know you have when you get your first set of oils.

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