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Cats & Dogs with Essential Oils

Essential oils are wonderful for you and your pets!

We love our pets and want the best for them to stay healthy and active for as long as they can. Essential oils can help with that!

Rules for Pets & Essentials Oils

  1. Always, always, always dilute prior to topical application. Use 1 drop oil to 5 drops fractionated coconut oil. This dilution ratio is similar to that and newborns and babies.

  2. Always, always, always have a way for your pet to leave the room when diffusing oils. Their noses are highly sensitive so they will smell things long before we do. Allow them a space to distance from aromas that become too strong for them.

  3. Always, always, always watch how your pet behaves when oils are in use or applied and discontinue at the sign of stress. We all respond to oils differently and some will work better than others for us. The same is true for our pets.

Dilution Guides

dog dilution
cat dilution

Oils Great for Both Cats & Dogs


Promotes healthy skin, prevents dryness and helps repel pests



Provides relief during stress like travel, storms, new places as well as helps with digestion



Relieves anxieties, including separation anxiety



Works with combating allergies, hot spots, shedding


Clary Sage

Supports calming needs from over-excitement, nervousness and shaking



Repels pests and supports healing from ear infections



Relieves pain from arthritis and stiff joints

wa-peppermint (1)


Also supports pain relief from arthritis and stiff joints as well as supports during digestive and eating concerns



Supports skin healing when irritated and painful



Helps heal skin from infections and irritations


Oils to Use with Caution Around Cats & Dogs

These oils can be used in your home but should be done safely around children and pets.



Our feline friends are sensitive to essential oils that contain polyphenolic compounds. These compounds are most commonly found in these oils:

  1. Cinnamon

  2. Melaleuca

  3. Thyme

  4. Birch

  5. Wintergreen

  6. Clove

  7. Oregano

You certainly would not forego these herbal ingredients in your kitchen for cooking and there is no reason not to have them in your home but you do need to use them safely around your cats.

Watch their behavior

Provide an outlet from the room

Reduce the amount used if it seems overpowering


th (1)

With dogs the concern with some of these oils is allergic reaction and skin issues primarily. Again, however it is not necessary to completely eliminate them from your home but you may need to make alternative setups when using them.

  1. Anise

  2. Clove

  3. Juniper

  4. Thyme

  5. Wintergreen

Interested in more?

Your pets can also benefit from the use of essential oils in your home and in their health. If you have questions or would like help knowing how to use essential oils with your pets, please reach out.

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