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Chakra Supporting Oils

When we practice self-care through yoga, meditation or other activities in those precious quiet moments we can steal from our day, it is an ideal time to focus on specific areas of our body known as the chakras.

There are 7 main areas (chakras) that we can focus on depending on our body’s messages for where there is need for support, attention and love. Combining essential oils into your practice can enhance that experience and accomplish what is known as alignment of our chakra.

The oils used can be customized to our preference and need but in general the oils recommended are what is most commonly used for each chakra.

Root Chakra


The base of our spine is known as our root that grounds us to Earth and life.

This is where we feel centered, balanced and focused.

Oils should be applied to this area of the body with fractionated coconut oil or your favorite lotion.

Recommended oils for the Root Chakra include:

  1. doTERRA Balance

  2. Patchouli

  3. Frankincense

Notice these are oils known for their ability to support us emotionally and physically. They help us sort through complex feelings and feel more in control of our situation. We can see more clearly and make the right decision for our journey.

It can be helpful to have these oils also applied all along the spine leading down to the tailbone area for an enhanced experience.

Sacral Chakra


In this chakra we find the area just below our stomach and navel inward from the hips. The area represents our reproduction system and sexual drivers.

Often when we are stressed or strongly focused on other areas of our life we forego sexual needs because we are exhausted and depleted. Re-energizing these areas is important to restore their role in our life and help us realize larger purposes we need to focus and build on including that of feeling young, vibrant and confident.

Oils to support this chakra include:

  1. Ylang Ylang

  2. Sandalwood

  3. Cedarwood

  4. Cinnamon

  5. Clary Sage

  6. Thyme

Expanding oil application to the ovaries and kidneys can further align this chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra


Slightly up from the Sacral chakra is the Solar Plexus chakra. This is where we find our digestive system.

Many of us feel stress in our digestive system in the form of upset stomach, heartburn and indigestion. These symptoms are messages from our body that it is not in a comfortable place or that the environment is causing stress on the body.

Oils that can be applied to this area of the body for support include:

  1. doTERRA DigestZen

  2. Peppermint

  3. Black Pepper

  4. Cardamon

  5. Cinnamon

Expanding oil application to our esophagus area and up to the throat leading down to this chakra area can provide extended relief when needed.

Heart Chakra


Our hearts are the vessels by which all life is able to be experienced. We lead from our hearts in many situations and also feel things like grief, loss and pain. We also can experience physical pain from lack of sleep and stress through this chakra.

Alignment of this chakra is important in order to help heal our souls and support the rest of our body’s physical functions. Oils that can support the heart chakra include:

  1. Geranium

  2. Rose

  3. Neroli

  4. Cypress

  5. Ylang Ylang

  6. Marjoram

Gently apply oils over your heart to support your emotional and physical health.

Throat Chakra

40233569 - detailed throat chakra vector illustration

This area gives us our voice and is our place of expression, outward presence and place of purpose. It helps us find our place in the world.

Oils that support this area include:

  1. Clove

  2. Peppermint

  3. Blue Tansy

  4. Lemongrass

  5. Myrrh

  6. Rosemary

  7. Eucalyptus

  8. Ginger

Third Eye Chakra

th (33)

Located smack dab in between your eyes is the chakra of intuition and connection to our soul. It is here that gut instinct and intuition occur.

This is what drives headaches, overthinking, what-if scenarios and the sense things are off. It is our body’s way of giving us direction and helping us see through cloudy pathways.

Oils to support this chakra include:

  1. Lavender

  2. Peppermint

  3. Patchouli

  4. Coriander

  5. Cassia

Crown Chakra

th (48)

This is our area of higher connection to our belief in a higher power and spirituality. It is where we go when we are uncertain, feel unsafe or need guidance outside ourselves. This is what connects us to things we cannot see but deeply believe in our hearts and souls is possible.

Oils specific to this area include:

  1. Frankincense

  2. Myrrh

  3. Vetiver

  4. Juniper Berry

  5. Copaiba

 Interested in more?

If you would like to learn more about how oils support our body emotionally and physically please reach out. I’m happy to help you with any questions and to find the oils perfect for your needs.

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