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Confessions of a Skeptic

You my dear sweet skeptical friend are wonderful! It’s a great skill to be skeptical. We live in an age where more people should be skeptical of what we hear and see especially when we’re told something is good for us or this is the best deal ever!

Skepticism is good. 

How though can skepticism be balanced with curiosity? If we are never curious then how do we ever learn or experience new things? Can the two co-exist comfortably together? One honoring and protecting the safe boundaries that skepticism provides with one that drives innocent curiosity of something new or different?

It’s Green – What Do You Mean You Want Me to Eat That?

Think of what you have to go through sometimes to get your child to try eating something new, like a new vegetable. Typical children are going to not want to touch it and do all they can to avoid it. They don’t know what it is, what it will taste like but they know already they don’t like it.

As the parent, what do you do? You know this new vegetable is actually really delicious, nutritious and  very good for them.  You want your child to be healthy and know that vegetables are very good for our bodies.

In our house, the rule is to try just one bite and if you don’t like it you don’t have to eat the rest. However, the next time that same thing is served you again have to try just one bite. We do this because we want our son to be open to trying new things before saying no. We also know tastes change over time and the next time he may decide he really likes that once new vegetable. We also want to encourage him to develop good healthy habits that he can carry with him the rest of his life.

It’s a Scam!

As someone building a business selling oils, sharing with a skeptic can be a challenge.  I truly appreciate the skepticism and understand where it may have come from.

  1. We trust the opinions of those around us for what is good and bad; works or doesn’t

  2. We develop our own thoughts and opinions based on our beliefs and background

  3. We are afraid to be taken advantage of

  4. We hear horror stories of how something didn’t work well for someone else

  5. We hear and see media encouraging us to shop, think, vote, agree, disagree or influence certain ways

  6. We think it will cost us money; be expensive

  7. We don’t think we’ll use it; see value in it

  8. We know we won’t like it

So again, can skepticism and curiosity co-exist together comfortably so we can safely try something new while protecting ourselves from what we fear or feel?

I too was a skeptic when it came to using essential oils. I’m a real person with a family who tried something new. I opened my skepticism enough to try just them. I admit in all honesty:

  1. I didn’t think it would work

  2. I thought it would cost a bunch of money

  3. I thought it was silly and frivolous

That’s the truth of exactly what I thought when it was first mentioned to me.

I tried it anyway, just a sample – actually it was 2 samples of about 15 drops each. (Melaleuca and Frankincense) After using those samples I admit:

  1. It was interesting

  2. It didn’t hurt

  3. It didn’t smell bad

  4. It didn’t taste bad

  5. It seemed to help

Now that experience has extended into many areas of my family’s life and continues to grow. It’s one of the most worthwhile things we’ve ever done.

What would have happened if I stayed a skeptic?

What are you holding back on trying because your skepticism is in the way?

Interested in more?

I encourage you to just try it, one small sample. If you’ve never tried essential oils before let me know. If you’ve tried another brand and want to see the difference with doTERRA, let me know.  I’m happy to share a small sample and provide information on how to use it safely. Then just tell me what you think. No pressure to buy anything. I just want your honest feedback on what you thought.

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