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Crazy Mom Life

As moms we do extraordinary things every day.

Yes we do.

Even if no one else sees it, and often they don’t, we moms are there doing it.

From wiping up counters, sorting and running the washer, soothing and cooing boo-boos and reading nighttime stories, we go non-stop from sun-up to well past sun down.

Sometimes we can feel and look like octopuses with tentacles grabbing, wiping, cuddling, cleaning, tending, stirring, scheduling, driving and more!

We are ultimate multi-taskers

Even when we are dog-tired or sick we are still folding laundry, making food, checking homework and taking care of our families.

This can feel frustrating, lonely and overwhelming often.

It’s hard not to lose it when you’ve cleaned pee off the toilet again or have to keep turning off the same light switches  and picking up toys for the 100th time in a single day.

We do it because we love our families

We do it because someone has to

We do it because that’s what we do

Seriously sometimes it’s just too much and can feel like the most thankless job in the world being a mom.

Too boot, most of us are working moms too so on top of all that we do at home we’re busting our backsides for paychecks to contribute to our family’s needs.


It can seem impossible to carve out self-care time among all that a mom is doing in a day.