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Crystal Clear Views

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We are often observers through the windows of life. Our home’s windows are a constant reminder there is a world just outside our door always there for us to capture what we seek. We are surrounded by these panes of glass not only in our home but in our cars, trains, offices, schools and everywhere we go to let us see the world beyond our four walls. We take in the weather, activities going on “out there” and even just let our mind drift of what we ourselves want to do on the other side of that glass.

Windows have a primary function of protecting us from the elements outside yet providing us with a view to see outward. We cover windows with blinds, curtains and decorative materials to accent a room or set off a desired level of natural light. We look both ways in windows, often looking out as much as we look in to see what is going on outside as well as what is occurring inside.

When it comes to windows, what we see can be a gateway to another world, imaginary or real but that view can also be distorted depending on how clean those glass panes are.

My Glass Doors & Windows

In our home I am constantly cleaning our glass doors from dog nose prints and little boys hands and even their noses and faces. It seems from the door knob down there is a constant smear, smudge, print, even finger drawing that require a frequent erasing. With two dogs now and a growing boy with a constant group of other little boys running in and out to play those marks on the glass are a reminder of a busy house but also of the need to continually clean.

Our growing puppy Little Daisy Mayfield waiting at the door for our son to come home, nose pressed against the glass.

I used to purchase the blue glass cleaner for these frequent jobs of cleaning the glass doors and the windows. It was just what I did not knowing there was any other way to actually clean a window. I would use this particular glass cleaner for my glass, mirrors, stove top and even the odd cleaning job around the house not giving it a second thought. However, now that I’m realizing what is actually in some of these household cleaners we can all purchase I became a little more leery of what I was using on the glass. After all, I know firsthand every day what is touching our windows. Like in this picture of our puppy Little Daisy Mayfield who has her nose against the glass patiently waiting for our son to come home. What is her nose picking up from that glass as a result of the cleaner I used? What is our son or his friends picking up as they put their faces against the door to play with Little Daisy Mayfield?

The Blue Stuff