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Deep Blue Relief in Body & Wallet

Deep Blue Rub is one of the top products new wholesale customers purchase and for good reason.

The Deep Blue oil blend is a mixture of wonderful plants that all have soothing and healing properties. The oils work to relieve aches, pains, inflammation, cramps and tension built up in our muscles and tendons.

When applying this oil topically it will have a warming sensation as it penetrates through the skin and into the muscle. doTERRA has a great explanation for why that is on their website:

” Deep Blue essential oil blend is composed of oils from Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus. In a recent study, doTERRA researchers investigated the effect of Deep Blue essential oil blend on human skin cells using the BioMAP® dermal fibroblast system.1,2,3 By adding certain factors to cultured skin cells, the researchers induced a cellular response that was designed to imitate a cellular inflammation response in a living person.2,3 Some of the pre-inflamed skin cells were exposed to Deep Blue essential oil blend while others were left alone.

After exposure to the blend, the cells were collected and burst open. RNA was extracted from a solution containing the cellular contents and sent for RNA microarray analysis. The microarray results indicated that signaling pathways related to inflammation, immunomodulation, and wound healing were affected in cells exposed to Deep Blue essential oil blend.1The major active components of Deep Blue including methyl salicylate, menthol, eucalyptol, and camphor, are organic molecules that possess beneficial properties and are widely used in various health care products.1 These facts taken together with the experimental results help explain why Deep Blue is soothing after strenuous exercise. “

Deep Blue comes in an oil blend bottle that you can use with your own lotion or as a rub that is pre-mixed with lotion for on-the-go-application. It also comes in a clever roller ball for on the spot application.

Please note the Deep Blue oil and rub cannot be used internally.


Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

Another great product in the Deep Blue lineup is the Polyphenol Complex. This is a brilliant supplement that works wonders from the inside-out. This version of the product can be taken internally and is very effective in supporting our bodies.

If you’re looking for regular relief from inflammation and pain then this is an ideal supplement to add to your regime. The supplement is perfect for longer more chronic pain management that requires continual support. It can be taken as needed or as part of your daily supplements.

Like all the doTERRA supplements, the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex does not contain chemicals but rather is food and plant based ingredients.

doTERRA has a lot of great information about this product on their website (link below):


The best way to get these products is by enrolling as a new Wholesale customer. Cost of membership is $35 initially and $25 every year after. Upon  your annual renewal doTERRA will lovingly send you a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint (value $27.50). Peppermint is also a natural oil that can support managing inflammation and pain. With the inclusion of the free Peppermint oils, this means your annual membership is FREE and you get to enjoy all of their products at fantastic discounted prices. Contact me for details.

Interested in more?

Was leg day intense and now you can’t move? Are arthritic hands catching up with you and keeping you from enjoying your favorite hobbies? Consider trying Deep Blue to support your muscles and tendons while reducing inflammation and pain.

Please contact me with any questions about these products. I’m happy to help you find the ones that are perfect for your needs.

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