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Do You Know Why doTERRA BOGOs Are Exciting?

A couple times a year doTERRA will run a Buy One Get One sales special for a whole week. These typically occur in the Spring, Summer and the week of Thanksgiving leading up to Black Friday. Since the big Thanksgiving week BOGO is coming up NEXT WEEK, it’s good to refresh on how this work so you can maximize your savings and get some cool items for holiday gifts.

The BOGO weeks are a time for new and existing customers to capture some incredible savings on products that you use regularly and ones you’ve never tried before.

There are unique ways to increase your savings during a BOGO week that make these sales incredible and something to look forward to happening. With a big BOGO week coming the week of November 19, here’s what you need to know to be ready:

How BOGO Weeks Work

Each day during the BOGO week there will be a different buy one get one item set offered. The deal is only good for 1 day so if you miss it you’re out of luck for those items.

The specials will be posted on social media each morning and if you are an existing customer you will also receive an early morning email with the details for that day.

The details of the daily BOGO will give you the SKU number of the products and prices (wholesale and retail).

All customers, retail and those with a wholesale membership, can purchase the BOGO deal. The difference will be the retail customers will pay the higher price.

Here’s a sample of what a BOGO message will look like:

bogo day 5 july 20

You can order up to 5 of the BOGOs each day. That can seem like a lot but as you’ll see later in this post there are reasons someone would order 5 sets.

Retail Customers & BOGOs

If you are a retail customer, you can still get the BOGOs but keep in mind you will purchase it at the retail price. In a BOGO week that is still a savings as you are getting a product free but you can save further if you purchase a wholesale membership.

You can purchase a wholesale membership for $35 and get the BOGO at the same time.  That wholesale membership is going to save you at least 25% on all your purchases and in the case of a BOGO week you will save additionally with your loyalty rewards program.

The choice is yours but let’s look at the difference with the sample BOGO above.

To purchase this BOGO without a wholesale membership

  1. Go to:

  2. Select the Shop button on the top menu bar

  3. Select the BOGO item by entering the SKU provided or browsing the site

  4. Add to cart and enter payment information

In this case let’s say you selected 1 of the BOGO items.

Your total would be $42.67 plus tax and shipping.

To purchase this BOGO with a new wholesale membership

  1. Go to:

  2. Select the Become a Member button on the top menu bar

  3. Enter your customer information

  4. Select an enrollment kit or just the $35 membership

  5. Select the BOGO item by entering the SKU provided or browsing the site

  6. Add to cart and enter payment information

In this case let’s say you selected 1 of the BOGO items and just the $35 membership.

Your total would be $67 plus tax and shipping and anything else you purchase during the BOGO week would be at wholesale pricing. You would also be able to use the savvy tips outlined below for a wholesale customer!


Wholesale Customers & BOGOs

This is an ideal time to participate in the loyalty rewards incentive as a wholesale customer because you can really maximize the savings. Here’s how:

When there is a BOGO week, you can use your loyalty incentive orders as a way to earn points on that BOGO purchase. Those points include shipping points on each order. That is significant points accumulation in this week and can mean some really nice free products to get for gifts or the more expensive oils you’ve had your eyes on.

How to Use LRP for BOGO

First participation in LRP is always optional and you can cancel at any time. The LRP is flexible and can be for any products you want each month. Even if you want 1 thing one month and 3 the next you’re still increasing your savings with LRP.

To earn points on an LRP your product value must be at least 50PV. Product value is simply a points value assigned to each doTERRA product. You will see this listed next to the prices on the website. The product value is typically the same as the price of the product but there can be variances with some of the non-oil items. With a BOGO week that usually means you would need to purchase 1 to 2 of the BOGO to get to 50PV.

In our OnGuard sample above, we would need to purchase 2 of the OnGuard 15ml oils to get to 64PV. This could be done by ordering 2 for yourself or getting one for a gift. Personally, I don’t think you can ever have enough OnGuard so I would do 2 of these and get 2 of the soap kits. I actually did this during this BOGO and made up the soap dispensers and gave them as gifts.

lrp tips

Placing a BOGO Order on LRP

When you are on LRP you will need to alter your monthly order to place the BOGO order and then rebuild your next LRP order. This is easy to do and takes only a minute.

  1. Log into your account

  2. Open your LRP order to edit

  3. Add the Buy One item from the BOGO to your cart. (in this example we would add 2 of the OnGuard 15ml oils)

  4. Delete out all other items from your LRP order

  5. Select Process Now

  6. Confirm your information and Place Order

Once you get your confirmation of the order being submitted, you can return to your LRP from the Shop page and will need to:

  1. Add back in the products you wanted for your next order

  2. Delete out the BOGO items

Repeat these steps each day you make a purchase during the BOGO week.

As long as your LRP order is 50PV you will earn points on that purchase.

Keep in mind if you did not meet the 50PV you will still get your shipping back in points so you are still saving a minimum of $4 if you went with the least expensive shipping option.

Interested in more?

During BOGO weeks there is a definite excitement in the air. Not only are you getting incredible products at significant savings but you are earning points to use for special purchases of your choosing.

Who doesn’t love that?

If you have questions or need help please let me know. I’m always ready to help someone capitalize on the savings and make the most for their money.

Become a Member today and start saving 25% on your purchases of the world’s best essential oils and natural products. You’ll also be all ready to capitalize on the BOGOs that will start next week!

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