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Doing More Than Just Getting By

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There are a lot of us who go month-to-month with just what we need and not a lot of extra. Every family is different but most of us have to really save for the big things like holidays, replacing the family car, or taking a vacation. The more we can be savvy about our daily life expenses the more likely we are to have some extra for these bigger things that come up. Sometimes that formula works and other times we are scrambling to cover large expenses that come up unexpectedly.

Achieving financial freedom is something many of us work really hard at achieving. We endure jobs that leave us stressed, frustrated, burned out and unfulfilled for paycheck deposits. We constantly undergo restructuring, layoffs, downsizing and just plain cruelty for that paycheck. We sacrifice time with our families for work travel, long office hours and even work weekends and holidays to meet deadlines and demands of employers. We take along work laptops on our family vacations and are on conference calls instead of enjoying our time away that we saved really hard to get to do. We do all this and more just to get what we need to get by without a lot of extras. Is this really all there is?

As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, the larger problem is that when we are under financial stress we are impacting our physical and emotional health. A large part of our overall wellness is financial stability alongside physical health, emotional balance and spiritual alignment. When we are stressed we are not living in full wellness. Long term that can significantly impact our quality of health.

Thinking About the Golden Years

Living daily life though is just one part of our bigger financial need. We hear all the time that most Americans are not prepared financially for retirement. We always think we have more time to save and that there will be funding somewhere to take care of us when we can no longer work. The hard truth is Medicare and funding for Social Security is not guaranteed and it barely exists now for the millions dependent on it. These programs face constant cuts and is the topic of hot debates questioning if it should even still exist.

The average Social Security retirement check is $1000 a month. Can you comfortably live out your retirement years on just that? Will you be able to cover all your daily expenses and have extra to do fun things on that amount? Do you honestly trust that our broken government programs that are essentially bankrupt and constantly being cut or having taxes raised to cover are going to be significant in taking care of you when you need it?

Do you feel comfortable putting your trust in that? Even if all else in your life and budget are well are you ready for retirement? Will you have enough?

Fattening the Family Piggy Bank

In response to the financial needs of today and planning for retirement, many have turned to second jobs, “side hustles,” and even small businesses. Depending on the option someone chooses the time needed to make a decent amount of income from one of these is variable. It can also be just as stressful, exhausting and time consuming as our regular job.

Working a second job for minimum wage didn’t appeal to me or fit into my regular work schedule. Every time I thought about it I saw myself more tired, stressed out and with little to show for the extra hours I was giving to someone else. Instead, I chose to start a small business with a direct marketing company. That fit my schedule and needs. It provides me with the flexibility of time that does not interfere with my regular job and it doesn’t take away all my free time either. Depending on the direct marketing company you choose there are many options to defining what this looks like for yourself.

When I really started looking at the possibility of having a small business selling something, I found myself citing all kinds of rules about what it should look like and what it could not do. It couldn’t take away all my weekend time, I didn’t want a bunch of inventory at the house and so on. The big one was it had bring in an income and not just be a hobby. These still are legitimate “rules” I’ve set and use to evaluate if this is worth it to me. I also use them to keep me focused on what I’m doing to build it. Almost 3 years later, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Most families would benefit greatly from a couple hundred extra dollars every month, a thousand or two more a year. In my home, that would help with the grocery bill or cover an unexpected car repair. An extra $300 a month would allow the family to go out to eat more often or hire a sitter so we could see a movie. It’s not massive but it’s enough to make a difference. Even if you split a couple hundred dollars a month between just extra daily life things and retirement savings you still come out ahead.

It is enough to see what else is possible and have something to grow that it is all your own. With doTERRA that can be achieved quickly and at the same time improve your own family’s health. Most importantly, it puts the control of your financial future in your hands. Not a corporation and not the government. You now dictate more of what happens to you and your future.

Here is a great booklet that I review with all my customers so they know the possibility exist if they need and want it.

Free to Give Program

Another reason I chose doTERRA was because I saw it was more than just me selling their products. There are many programs they have to pay it forward in local communities and across the globe. While these are beautiful and noble what they do for their very own distributors is what convinced me this was the right place for me.

doTERRA has a program for it’s Wellness Advocates that helps them build their way out of debt from a mortgage, car payments, credit cards and college debts. The premise of this program is if we are financially free from these large obligations then we are free to give to others. We have choices in our life that we can control.

This program is free for any Wellness Advocate and contains education, worksheets and support to rid your life of those debts so you can focus on your future. You even earn chips recognizing achievements for eliminating one of those major categories of debt or one that you have defined. Above we talked about what a couple hundred extra dollars would do for your life, imagine what you would do without a house payment every month?

Interested in more?

Living life on your terms is possible. It is also possible and attainable to have more than just what you need to get by on.

If you’re ready to start building your financial freedom and securing your future free of dependencies you cannot count on, then let’s talk. I’m happy to show you how doTERRA works, what they offer and how you can have your own business to make it all happen. No, it is not a get rich quick or lottery luck situation. There will be work but it’s work that is truly rewarding personally and financially and work you control.

Email me with questions at

It all starts with a wholesale account. Click here:

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