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Emotional Rescue

It may show my age but I personally love this song and album from the Rolling Stones plus it really seemed to fit on today’s post about emotional health.

Our emotional health plays a large part in our overall health and well-being. Sadly, this area of our health is often over looked and not taken seriously when there are conditions impairing our ability to function fully because we cannot tangibly see externally a wound.

As a whole our society does not understand or recognize emotional illnesses the same way we do medical conditions. When the condition is emotional or behavioral, often the insurance benefits are more limited, financial resources practically non-existent and qualified providers who can serve these individuals are also limited in availability. This means many people do not get the help they need either because they cannot afford it or they do not have access to get the help.  Sadly, leaving emotional illnesses and conditions untreated will eventually impact our physical health so you have co-existing conditions that can really mean a long road for healing.

There are many things we can do on our own to help in these situations. However, just like medical issues, it is important to find providers who are open to considering natural and traditional treatment options. You should always inform your provider you are or want to include natural solutions as part of your treatment plan. A provider cannot treat you effectively with only pieces of information about what is occurring.

I often use the Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel that comes with the Emotions & Essential Oils book (2017 Sixth Edition).

The wheel is helpful in knowing what essential oil will help support the feelings I am experiencing or want to experience. It’s a handy quick reference that compliments the book very well.

Applying essential oils to the bottom of your feet and to the base of your neck is a very direct way to use oils in treating and supporting emotional needs. Diffusing oils for this purpose is also very helpful. When we feel bad or anxious then using the Wheel gives us a quick way to find what will help and give our bodies the support it needs to process what’s going on.

Essential oils won’t make emotional hurt go away but they will give us comfort, a sense of control and support to work through the problem. They can also protect our bodies from a weakened immune system as a result of emotional concerns. This gives us time to focus on healing and resolving that which is causing us pain inside without complicating the situation with a physical aliment too.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking at using essential oils for emotional and behavioral health needs.

Interested in more?

Essential oils are wonderful tools to use in supporting our emotional well-being and that of our family members. If things are going well then continuing to encourage those feelings is good and healthy but if something is off or we’re hurting inside then here too oils can support us in that process of healing.

If you would like to learn more about how essential oils work with our emotions, please reach out. I’m happy to answer any questions and refer you to the resources we use in our home.

If you would like to get oils to support your emotional health, please reach out to me for information and help in getting the oils right for you.

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