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Free is for Real

When I tell someone their annual membership with doTERRA is free they have a hard time believing me.

We are so programmed to believe there is a catch with everything.

In this case, it is actually true.

The first year of membership with doTERRA costs $35. This cost covers your access to doTERRA for wholesale prices, specials and promotions and provides a free wellness consultation and immediate access to purchase products at wholesale discounts of 25%-50% off retail. This part of the $35 is valued at $25.  The remaining $10 goes towards your welcome kit packet that includes a catalog of all the doTERRA products, information on the company and details on maximizing your membership. It also covers your account setup and support on using your products safely.

The initial fee of $35 can be waived if you purchase an enrollment kit. Those kits vary in price and are special collections of oils commonly used by most people. Purchasing an enrollment kit is the best value when you are new to doTERRA as you not only waive the $35 membership fee but you also get a significant discount on your first set of oils and products.

home ess kit

In the majority of cases an enrollment kit is perfect for a new user. Not only are you saving significantly but you’re getting a nice foundation to start using oils immediately and have adequate variety for a multitude of things you will need and use.

The great thing about doTERRA is they understand we are not all one-size-fits-all.

If someone doesn’t want an enrollment kit but would rather customize their selection of products, the option of purchasing the initial enrollment fee and adding on the products of your choice is available.

Free Membership Renewal

When your membership comes up for renewal the cost is $25. With that renewal you will receive a free bottle of 15ml Peppermint valued at $27.33. (Note, there was a price reduction on Peppermint from his former cost of $27.50)  With a wholesale membership, all doTERRA oils and products are at least 25% off retail prices. There are other ways to increase the savings of those products that I describe in other posts.

So, this all works out to just over 52% savings on what it is costing you to get the oils provided by the 2018 #1 global leader in essential oils….