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Getting to the Core of Self Love

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

As I looked back at this month’s self-love posts, a common thread has appeared. I didn’t intend that as I started writing each post but it’s come out nonetheless. When we think of self love and we are already feeling overwhelmed it can seem like just another chore to fit into a busy schedule. When we force it, that’s just not going to feel good or worthwhile in that situation no matter how much we try to shoehorn it in.

We sometimes cannot simply say a certain part of our day is just for ourselves or that we must always put ourselves first. While taking care of yourself does help you feel better and be a better person in the care and service to others it’s just not how some of us get to live sometimes. The core of it all is we have to be realistic about our time, energy, focus and expectations. If you make self love feel like a burden then it will be just like all the other responsibilities and obligations you are trying to juggle.

What is True Self Love?

So, if we can’t always demand, protect or declare time to ourselves, is true self love all about service to others?

I don’t think so. See, true self love is about listening to and honoring the messages coming from the inside of our heart and soul. It’s about feeding into the idea that we do deserve to be treated well not only by others but by ourselves too. That act does not have to be fancy, time consuming, scheduled or even planned.


Here’s what I’ve walked away with this month as I’ve studied self love along side you in this blog:

Be nice to yourself.

Talk to yourself with kindness, love and respect.

Take opportunities to enjoy doing things you like, being with people you love and spending time being creative on your own.

Be good to your body. Feed it well, give it rest and move it around.

Let real opportunities come to you by freeing your spaces in your physical environment, heart, mind and soul.

Be you and don’t make excuses for that.

You Are Already Lovable

No matter where you are in life or what is going on. You are lovable. Start believing that by loving yourself.

Here’s the best oils I can recommend for helping you work through your journey of self love and what that looks like for you:

Spearmint is the oil of grace. Give grace to yourself in all that you do and are working on. Give grace to yourself when your schedule doesn’t give you a solid hour to workout or you’re eating your meals on the go. Be gentle with yourself.


Grapefruit is the oil of self care. It helps us prioritize what is most important so we can focus on our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It helps us do this by detoxing our view and clearing away toxins that are holding us back.


Siberian Fir is the oil of positive perspectives. This oil helps you eliminate negative self talk and behaviors. It promotes feelings of worthiness, love and confidence.


Interested in more?

If you found this month’s blog posts on self-love helpful, please leave us a comment and feedback. We want to know how you have been working through self love in your life and are applying what we have shared all this month to shaping what your year will be like.

If you have questions about the oils in any of our posts please reach out. We’re happy to help you get accurate information to make the right choices for you.

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