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Holiday To-Do List Takeover

Since it’s almost Christmas I’m betting you’re a lot like me and have a to-do list that is at least 5 miles long, right? Does this list look similar to your list?

  1. Finish gift shopping

  2. Get gifts in the mail by the 15th

  3. Get a tree up (and decorated)

  4. Accept a couple party invitations

  5. Wrap presents

  6. Line up a babysitter

  7. Have kids picture made with Santa

  8. Clean the house

  9. Hit the grocery store

  10. Laundry is piled up

  11. Child has outgrown dress shoes – get new pair

  12. Church Christmas pageant snacks to make

  13. Cookie basket for the neighbors

  14. Volunteer night at the shelter with your women’s group

There is no doubt this is the busiest time of the year. Our to-do lists can overtake our lives and yet we are supposed to be festive, jolly and enjoying ourselves.

I don’t know about you but sometimes feeling festive when I’m overwhelmed is a big challenge.

Finding a couple minutes to myself to enjoy a cup of coffee by myself so I can even look at my to-do list seems like a luxury.

Every year I swear I’m going to do things differently, keep it simple and have more time to “enjoy” this time of year.

Every year I find myself here. With a big to-do list and long hours trying to get it all done so I can make the holidays special for someone else.

Since time to myself is limited right now, I have found the right support to help me through it and ensure the stress of the to-do list does not result in me getting sick – which would only make things more stressful right?

Here’s my secret to keeping it all going at this time of year:

2 Minutes Store Support

We have to find ways to slow down and take in what is around us. Even if it is just 2 minutes in the middle of a busy store. Listen to the sounds around you and your own breath. Enjoy a deep breath and slow release of it. Slow your step and take it all in.

This simple technique is powerful at helping you calm your pulse and thoughts.

I use this method when I’m out shopping and the stores are super busy. To enhance this experience I carry with me a diffuser bracelet or necklace filled with doTERRA Balance and Breathe. These oils help me breathe a little deeper and quickly realize I don’t have to be in a panic dash like the other shoppers.


5 Minute Me Time

When I am able to get a few more minutes to myself, I like to do something that feels good to me.  Maybe that’s fixing a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy or stepping into the backyard to fuss about a flowerbed.

It may only be a short time but these few extra minutes can help reset your energy and focus on what is next on your list.

Oils I have found helpful include putting a drop of Peppermint in my coffee to increase focus and energy and the doTERRA AromaTouch oil massaged into my hands with my favorite natural lotion. These are instant relievers of overthinking, needing to release tension and focus our attention.


Loud Party Relief

Many of us will go to see friends and attend parties throughout the season. These can be fun but they can also be loud, uncomfortable and stressful. Foods and alcohol will also be abundant where we may consume more than we normally would.  This can mess with our mood, physical comfort and stress levels.

I always turn to doTERRA’s DigestTabs for help when my stomach is not feeling well or I have a case of heartburn. It contains essential oils that provide pretty immediate relief to these symptoms.


At loud parties I also like to have with me the doTERRA Past Tense oil blend. It’s a pleasant aroma that it can be worn as a perfume or applied to the wrists and neck as needed. This provides relief and that brief “ahh” feeling that we sometimes need when we are in situations that are not comfortable to us.


Reflection and Rest

When things are stressful we need to increase our intention for getting enough rest. That can seem impossible when your mind is racing with a million things to do but without adequate rest we are risking our immunity.

I always take a drop of Frankincense and Copaiba under my tongue daily to help with general stress management in my day but during the holidays I find I need something more.  What I’ve found is in addition to the Frankincense and Copaiba under my tongue I also use a drop of Melissa on the roof of my mouth daily. This is an incredible boost to helping with stress.


What I do is put 1/2 to 1 drop drop of Melissa on my thumb and then hold my thumb to the roof of my mouth for a couple seconds. This is a direct application of the oil that provides fast relief to stress and works well with the Frankincense and Copaiba during high stress periods.

For those that don’t recognize the name, Melissa is Lemon Balm essential oil.

Interested in more?

If you see me in a store taking a deep breath you know now what I’m doing. Come join me and let’s tackle these to-do lists in a way that allows us to have a little peace in our holidays.

If you have questions about any of these oils and how I use them to get me through the holiday to-do list, please reach out! I’m happy to help and and answer any questions.

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