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Horoscopes, Astronomy and Essential Oils – An Outlook for 2019

Before a new year starts, I like to check out what my horoscope says is in store for the coming year. Sometimes these messages can seem far fetched and sometimes I do have to wonder if life really is just that predictable.

It’s fascinating to me seeing the connections someone has made between planetary movements, eclipses and retrogrades to our daily lives. Whether you read your horoscope for fun or serious insightful guidance, there is no denying we are tied to a large vast universe that gives this beautiful planet and us life each day.

One of my favorites to read is The horoscopes written here are by Susan Miller and I think she is one of the best in this field.  She writes very nice in-depth and personalized messages like she is speaking directly to you and they fit every sign rather than just a general overall summary.

Connecting to Nature and Beyond

The twirl of our planet and it’s relationship with other planets, our moon and the sun control the waves of the ocean and weather patterns that in turn influences our environment and nature. We get to interact with the stars, moon and sun as part of our daily lives because that’s how our food is grown and how we thrive as well. To me, this makes it easy to think of astronomy as just a larger macro version of nature we are linked to just like the nature of our planet.

How far fetched is it then to realize our health and well-being could actually be part of a larger cosmic level natural wonder?

Your body was built to rely on nature for survival and wellness. The very essence of our being relies on air, food and water given to us from the Earth.  We can also obtain medicine, emotional support and healing from the very same planet. As a result, we are intimately tied to the planet for our health and survival and of course our Earth is tied into a much larger universe that influences it.


At the core of it all, horoscopes are guided alignment messages calling us to listen to nature and what our body and mind already know we need so we can survive and flourish. When we honor nature and incorporate it into our life we are becoming part of the rhythmic flow of nature itself and the larger forces that control and support those things in our larger universe.

This alignment to nature allows us to take control of our own path and begin to understand how we process change and navigate difficult situations. We understand the dynamic of relationships to ourselves and with others better so we see what is truly important in our own lives and how to build upon those for a meaningful journey that fulfills us.

We intuitively know the tools and support we need to be successful through  change and how to use them for our benefit. We can leverage nature to support us emotionally, physically and spiritually to fulfill our intentions and help our body thrive.

Living in tune with nature is holistic and good for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

2019 Predictions

The horoscopes Susan Miller will publish on her site for the coming year will give you the details in a beautiful description specific to your astrological sign but here’s my predication summary.

In 2019, the planets will move around the sun, eclipses will happen and retrogrades will influence movement. When these aspects occur in our different astrological signs we may be more in tune to our own intuition, senses and awareness of the need for our own lives to change in flow with them. We can leverage our intuition and messages from nature and the universe at large to forge new paths, change directions or improve our current situation.

It is my hope these cosmic triggers support you to live more healthy and well in a rhythm with nature that feeds your soul, mind and heart.

human spirit

Supporting 2019 Intentions

These diffuser blends aim at supporting your focus as you set intentions for the new year so you feel supported in your journey and can navigate complex situations. They are each calming, centering and uplifting.

astronomy blends

Oil blends such as Console help us feel comforted and find our inner voice that can guide us through confusing and challenging situations. Serenity is a lavender based oil that helps support relaxation and deeper breathing to calm both body and mind. Motivate is also an oil blend that helps support energy both physically and emotionally so you can feel supported in actions and decisions.

Mixing these oils with others like Clary Sage, Frankincense and Bergamot support our emotional connection to our spirit and body. They help us align within ourselves so we can align better with our external environments and people. Diffusing these oils with the oil blends creates a wonderful scent to relax, reflect, meditate and focus.

Interested in more?

2019 is a super great time to start a natural health and well-being journey. Pure essential oils and natural products can support you on this journey and enhance your experience.

If you have questions please reach out! I’m happy to help you find information or the perfect oils and products for your specific needs and interests.

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