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How 1 Bottle Helps Many Real People

doTERRA’s essential oils have many wonderful qualities. You can compare all you want but when it comes down to it there is 1 thing that sets doTERRA apart.

doTERRA’s sourcing strategy.

Yes you can buy less expensive oils that come from corporate farms and hot houses that may be pure but with doTERRA, each oil is carefully curated globally where the plant or tree grow most naturally.


Within that strategy, doTERRA currently sources from over 27 countries classified as 3rd world. That means the oils from these specific areas are from small villages and rural areas where communities and families farm.  These are real people and real families who are often growing, caring and harvesting for those essential oil elements by hand using manual tools.


The choice to source oils from smaller farmers and villages is intentional.

Co-Impact Sourcing

The premise of co-impact sourcing is a partnership is formed between farmer, community and doTERRA to produce plants and trees that are free of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers so the result is truly pure and free of harmful ingredients.

This approach is a cornerstone to doTERRA’s mission to help others live the best life they can. The sourcing of elements in 3rd world countries brings resources these areas lack such as jobs, money and support for things such as shoes, education, food, and water wells.


Families Helping Families

When you purchase any essential oil from doTERRA you are helping individuals, families and small communities and villages. A sizable portion of the sale from that oil goes back to the farmer and others who had a direct hand in producing that oil.

This is a family -to – family structure where the purchaser helps not only their family but helps families around the world live a better life and have resources that support their family’s needs.

By purchasing natural products direct like this we are helping one another. We are removing the corporate greed and infrastructure that adds unnecessary costs and risks to the final products in the interest of profits and stock prices.

Interested in more?

Do you know where your essential oils come from and who is profiting from them?

Please contact me with questions at

With a wholesale membership good for 1 year you can enjoy 25% off all your purchases and confidently know where your oils are coming from and who is benefiting from them. Click “Become a Member” from our website to join today.

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